Deluded Football Club Owners

I continue to be very supportive of Thomas Sandgaard and grateful that he rescued our football club.

Nevertheless, Its always alarming when football club owners talk about their clubs as businesses that should be operating as break even or profitable entities. With the exception of a very few Premier League clubs this is an impossible dream. Thomas is burning cash – this year its £8m and it will be a similar amount next year. Its a very expensive hobby for very rich people. On a bigger scale its like owning Boats or Racehorses. Unless you get a ’bluebird’ result every couple of years ( think Lookman for £13m or a Derby winner) its going to be a huge cash drain. Whilst I admire Thomas’s chutzpah for thinking that there are huge untapped revenue earning opportunities at Charlton, it smacks of American businessman bullshit to me and anyone who has worked with US companies will recognise the patter.

The only thing that will bring revenue paying (not free) customers to watch Charlton is a successful winning team. Results are the only thing that matters. Supporters don’t even really care about playing good football , they just want to win and 1-0 every week would work just fine. Im sure Thomas realises that and I hope that he doesn’t fall for the stupidity of Roland’s mantra that we all just go for a community day out.

We need to create an athletic, tough, tall and physical team for next season to compete at the top end of the 3rd division. No more flaky, tippy tappy, ghosty overrun disappearing midfield ( Dobson excepted).

I’m not going on Saturday because to be brutally honest – particularly with what’s going on in Ukraine I can’t face more depression. It’s difficult to see any other result than a convincing win for Sunderland and it will make for another angry atmosphere and that’s not fun or entertainment.

Finally, I hope that there is some recognition in the club that the current policy of trying to fill the ground EVERY week with free tickets is not entirely welcome. I’m totally supportive of doing it for some games and more games than in previous seasons, but as a 35 year season ticket holder I’m getting a bit fed up of sitting next to deafening primary school kids who keep getting up to go to the toilet or in front of an abusive enraged nutter – maybe its just old age !

The events in Ukraine serve to remind us all that life is very precious and short and we should be kinder to each other so don’t be too nasty to Jermaine Defoe ( unless he scores)

8 thoughts on “Deluded Football Club Owners

  1. I think many valid points, well made. There’s a fine line between the free or reduced ticket situation vs upsetting the many that paid up early for ‘supportive’ season tickets. Catch 22 in many ways, a winning team puts bums on seats. Thus far it’s not worked out so well (so many free tickets not taken up).

  2. At a guess I don’t think we could break even with a full Valley (all paying).Breaking even has to involve player sales.Just a guess.

  3. Christ your bloody miserable sometimes, worse than me and that’s saying something!

    So many fans preferring to take the negative stance. While he may have to be economical and measured with his answers. I personally feel he million times better than what we’ve of late. He’s making significant investment in other areas to assist the club in bringing in more revenue and fans still moan.

    While fans may only think about the results and become hysterical when the tide’s against us as it is at the moment, owners clearly have to bigger picture!

    Did you attend the Q&A?

    • Martin – Having re read my blog I didn’t think it was miserable at all – although obviously I’m biased !
      I’m just expressing an opinion on the likelihood of a football club ( pretty much ANY football club) operating at break even. I’ve no idea what Thomas’s plan for next season is but I expressed an opinion as to what type of team I’d like to see and he has said they are planning for next season in advance which is good. Apart from that I don’t think I’m alone in asking that they don’t run these free ticket promotions at every game. Finally I don’t fancy tomorrows game because it seems highly likely that Sunderland will win and everyone is entitled to a game of two off especially after 55 years of going most weeks !

      • The difficulty for us fans is, understandably, we can’t take the emotion out of the equation and we often respond to situations almost hysterically and that’s clearly something TS can’t do.

        As we’ve seen throughout this season, Adkins was the first scapegoat then the players now some have turned on Jacko and finally it’s TS’s fault.

        I just get fed up with the extremes of fan reaction, Albury and often the inability of fans to see the mitigating circumstances.

        We all agree it’s been a shit season, particularly at the moment in this losing sequence and that isn’t directly TS’s fault.

        If only we could be more objective, I think it would help to keep temperatures from boiling over as often as they do.

  4. I’ve supported TS since day one and in the face of a pretty vile narrative on another blog, have continued to do so.
    However, after last nights car-crash display of extreme naivety from TS, I’m beginning to lose my faith.
    If he can’t see the road to success starts with a good team that regularly wins (particularly at home) he has no hope. He needs experienced people around him but seems to believe he and his son fit the bill. Wake up Thomas and wake up soon or move on.

  5. Good post AA. Totally agree about 1-0 wins …after all George Graham made a career out of it ! Lennie Lawrence also used it in the old dark days when there was no money for strikers. Sure play “tippy tappy” when you’re riding high in the table but not when you’re at the wrong end of it says this Armchair Pundit.

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