Morons who boo their own players

How on earth can anyone boo Harry Maguire in an England shirt is beyond my comprehension. He has been absolutely outstanding for England and helped set up 2 of the 3 goals last night. The people who did it last night are just thick morons and unfortunately every club has a sizeable section of them.They are literally like sheep, one thicko starts it up and it spreads like COVID amongst the others who are incapable of thinking for themselves.

I don’t actually understand why any ‘supporter’ boos anyone on his own team- its just stupid and counter productive if the collective will of all of us supporters is to get the players to play better, it just makes them feel resentful.

Its great to see Miles Leaburn scoring a hatrick for the U23’s yesterday, playing well above his own age range. However, it put me in mind the abuse his Dad used to get when he played for us. He was an excellent player, focal point for attacks, unselfish, brave and scored his share of goals. However, he was tall and could look lumbering and ungainly at times and a section of the crowd expected him to combine his strength with the grace of someone 6 inches shorter. Miles is 6 foot 5 inches tall now and Charlton will need to be very careful with how quickly they bring him on.

Supporters are supposedly more patient with home grown talent – except they aren’t, Nick Pope, Morgan Fox, Kevin Lisbie and Karlan Grant are just a few of the talented youngsters who got a hard time from the ‘home supporters’.

I well remember standing behind a guy at Selhurst who used to spend the whole game shouting at and berating Robert Lee as useless and he went on to play for England.

5 thoughts on “Morons who boo their own players

  1. Totally agree with you – the lamentable toxic FB Group ‘marshalled’ by one of the most negative ‘supporters’ ever attracts that brand of idiot – not all but a good number.

  2. Completely agree with you, the post and the sentiment. Everyone has a bad game occasionally, none of them do it on purpose! If and when they do we should leave it to the manager, coaching staff and team mates to work with them and help. Similarly I don’t get it when we boo ex players returning, it just motivates them to try even harder – against us! Look at the abuse the England players got for missing ‘those’ penalties. You and I both know they were trying their best to score, what more than that can we ask. Loved Leaburn, such an underrated player, not bad in the air but was actually better with his feet I though, a very clever player, great first touch and a good eye for a pass.

  3. I agree the booing of your own players is stupid, I have been a Charlton supporter for over 65 years stood and sat with my two uncles at every home match we could and a few away games , one game sticks in my mind when Steve Gritt was having a stinker we looked at each and said take him off there was a few boos,within a couple of minutes he took a shot from about 25 yards it flew into the top corner, we laughed and said what a player.😂

  4. Yes you are correct, but you need to understand part of the reason Maguire in particular gets abuse. I have done many studies into the behaviour of people and can tell you that to a degree he (maquire) brings it upon himself. You see the jealousy factor (mainly subconscious) in humans comes to the fore, causing outbursts of negativity, often extending to abuse. With Maguire, his “dont you know who I am” attitude during his arrest in Greece, and subsequent conviction for assault and bribery, set him up for what has subsequently occurred (abuse) He earns more in a day than average joe does in a year,
    This is not to excuse the behaviour, but casts part of the reason why.

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