Non Striking Strikers

We had enough decent chances to score 6 today and apart from Lincoln’s 2 goals I cant remember them having any other shots.

I know we all get very disappointed when we lose,particularly to low level opposition like Lincoln but we weren’t that bad today.

If we are going to challenge next season we need at least one predatory striker because both Stockley and Washington miss too many chances. CBT is a real bright spark and is talented enough to go both outside and inside his man. He has real potential.

The return of JFC was great and he showed enough in the last 20 minutes to highlight what we have been missing. He is an excellent player at this level. I’m still worried about the other ‘attacking’ midfielders. I’m not a fan of any of Gilbey, Morgan or Fraser. I think you can throw a blanket over all 3 of them for the difference they make.

We really have to hope they improve hugely next season.

Lots of work to be done in the summer to be competitive but I will be renewing my season tickets because I’m a Charlton supporter and that’s what we do !

3 thoughts on “Non Striking Strikers

  1. I share your sentiments, been watching my place of birth team on and off for many years since the 70’s. Sadly my memories of Doncaster play off and Final win against the nice Sunderland seem so distant, it’s difficult to put your finger on why there is no cutting edge in the team. Were we really that special with Bielik, Cullen, Aribo and Taylor. Keep the faith as they say, i wish we gave some of the youngsters a chance who are playing with a lot of confidence. Its almost we have forgotten how to back the team, or is it a case i am getting too old, we gave Paul Walsh a chance and wow what a player he was at 16 years and Gomez, or does the manager not have confidence in them? Bellingham was class when i saw him at the valley when he scored, where will never know unless we give them the opportunity, enjoy the rest if the weekend! Regards

  2. Give us a reason to come so play the kids in the last two home games and win loose or draw we will get behind them.
    Any player who will not be here next season should not be playing .
    What is happening with DJ , is he carrying an injury , because he would always be one of the first players on my team sheet.

  3. Thass juss wot I think n all though I like Albie, e’s a ard worker n there is the makins of a decent player in there.

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