Twelve Million Reasons to avoid Football Club ownership

The news that Thomas has so far provided £12m of funding into Charlton in a relatively short period of ownership highlights the capacity of football clubs below the Premiership to eat up wealth.

I find it rather depressing that there is always a vocal minority of supporters who criticise everything he does. The vast majority of supporters recognise that he rescued us from the morass of the ESI Nimer/ Southall fraudsters. The club was in a complete mess and completing a transaction with both the fraudsters and the geriatric miser Duchatelet was incredibly complex and no doubt incurred disproportionate legal fees.

There were some other potential bidders but it was a very small list. We seem to fool ourselves that we are an attractive proposition for buyers but decades of disappointment should tell us something about that and Thomas had both the funds and incredible persistence to make it happen.

Obviously results have been very disappointing and the current team is probably the poorest bunch I have watched in 50 years but our owner deserves our support. He (and us) deserve a bit of luck in our summer recruitment which will be crucial. Last summer’s recruitment was poor and cannot be repeated. We need to give getting out of this division a bloody good go next season and we will need a core of 4 or 5 new quality signings to give us a chance. We have got some fantastic prospects coming through the youth teams and if we can get to the Championship in the next year or two, we will have a bright future.

6 thoughts on “Twelve Million Reasons to avoid Football Club ownership

  1. Totally agree, Thomas is doing a great job, can’t understand some of our so called supporters, Bill Skudder

  2. Absolutely agree with your comments. Thank you Thomas for your faith and financial support. Let’s hope with quality players we can reach the Championship league at the end of next season.

  3. Well said couldn’t agree more! Roland has shown his passion for this club in a short period of time and with his money ! Supporters need to show more appreciation for him!

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