Morecambe and Wise

If I’m honest, I can’t get very worked up about the results now. There was a bloke behind us in the East Stand yesterday who was apoplectic about the teams performance and how ashamed they should all be to be playing in the worst Charlton team in living memory. He had a point, but do you know what -who cares – the season has been a write off for weeks and I just enjoyed a couple of pints in Crossbars followed by a nice hour and a half in the sunshine watching a game of football. The trouble was that quite a few of our players looked like they were enjoying the same afternoon as me.

I’ve been saying this for weeks but the biggest problem in this team is the midfield which Dobson apart is largely weak and missing, regardless of who else is playing there. Have a look at yesterdays 2nd Morecambe goal after our centre halves win the ball and it drops on the edge of the box. They get no help from the midfielders.

Morecambe exploited our wing back formation and although we dominated possession, whenever they broke forward they looked very dangerous. Their manager Derek Adams had a point when he said they they got their tactics just right – he didn’t add that his team were basically hopeless but he really should have done because they really were.

Anyway, roll on next season so we can all have a rest.

I’ve renewed my season tickets and Im doing the fantastic inspiring Upbeats Walk next Saturday with my mates. Get your sponsorship cash out !!!

Come on You Addicks.

One thought on “Morecambe and Wise

  1. Morecambe aint that opeless they won the game so deserve a bit of credit on ere. I don’t know wot appened to our defence for their goals but MacGillivray gifted their a goal when is long thrown went to one of theirn n e as been doin so well of late as GK n all, Shgckin, shockin juss shockin.

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