Contrasting Style of the U23’s

I was fortunate enough to watch both games yesterday and was obviously delighted with both results.

The thing that struck me was the contrast in playing style between the U23’s and the 1st team. The U23’s were in fantastic form against Cardiff winning 6-1 and in all honesty it could have been 10. I know that its more about passing and with less physicality at that level but they played a lot through the middle with Karoy Anderson in particular pulling all the strings well supported by Santos and Agyemang. There were hardly any long balls. It was a real joy to watch.

I know I am a broken record on this, but the biggest problem with our 1st team is our midfield where we don’t have enough possession, creativity and strength in the middle of the pitch. Its great that we won but it was largely achieved by bypassing the midfield. It’s not very pretty to watch and it won’t get us promoted next season.

I guess the other rather strange thing is that whilst Cambridge opted to take a look at a few of their fringe players, making 7 changes, JJ opted for his strongest team. Maybe he is on a bonus based on league position finish. I suppose there probably aren’t that many feasible alternatives because most of the potentially talented U23’s are out on loan , but it would certainly have been nice to have given Henry a run out in the middle if his loan terms with Wealdstone allow that.

It would be nice to finish with a win at The Valley on Saturday and lets hope Thomas and his team have a few good signings ready to roll for next season.

4 thoughts on “Contrasting Style of the U23’s

  1. Thass juss wot I think but JJ did pick the right players against Cambridge n Pearce done well with the save n all when it was eadin in goal.

  2. As you say, there has been no midfield all season,Morgan has not improved in the last three years,Gilbey is out of his depth.Neither of them can run with the ball and never support the forwards. The pair are a total waste of money and should go.

  3. Fully agree about the U23’s. I also noted how good with his feet out keeper was. Played like an additional centre back which takes so much pressure off the back 4 – something that Mcgillivray struggles with – and I think needs to be addressed if we are to make a challenge

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