Johnnie’s Gone

Firstly, I’d like to say a massive thank you to JJ for the pleasure he has given us in watching him over the last 12 years. There have been many many highlights but the free kicks against the Sheffield teams in our League 1 promotion year were fantastic and I will never forget the way he single handedly beat Cardiff 5-4 at The Valley or his injury time headed winner against QPR to help us stay up in the Championship. The bloke was a bloody good player and an inspirational captain and a thoroughly decent man.

Now, if I put myself in Thomas’s shoes, I would have sacked him too. Firstly Thomas is an American businessman and whether you like it or not Charlton is a business and it has failed this season. Results are everything and they were not good enough. My experience of American businesses is that they are very quick to hire and fire, sentiment forms no part of their DNA.

Secondly, having invested c £16m so far and in all likelihood about to shovel another £8m this season, I would want my man at the helm. OK, so Adkins was my man and it didn’t work, but JJ was never my first choice but I had no option after the first 6 games went so well.

When JJ said a couple of weeks ago that he had no idea what was going on with player contracts, I told my mates that he was going because it didn’t make any sense otherwise. I suspect this decision was made a while ago and TS already has a manager lined up. As a complete guess and since Thomas is an avid admirer of Brentford, I think we could get a foreign manager, possibly even from the American league and I don’t think we will be waiting long.

3 thoughts on “Johnnie’s Gone

  1. A poor decision by TS and reflects on modern day business thinking of “instant buildings”. Given that 25% of the season was lost by TS in choosing Nigel Adkins (“proven winning manager), Jackson was left playing “catch-up. Had he been given the job after Bowyer left he would have chosen players of his choosing for the past season and possibly been in the promotion mix this season. What confusion rests still with Charlton’s management. Why would we consider replacing Jackson manager’s who ended the season lower in the league than us? Until the Club’s management get their act together the Addick’s are doomed to League One or Two. Any new manager is still handicapped by the existing contracted players not of their choosing

  2. I agree with Terry n all on ere, Iss a dissgrace wot Saandgard as done. E’ll get in another Adkins type gaffer who will tako ourn dahn to League 2. JJ was takin ourn in the right direction, King Roland would never ave done this. Shockin juss shockin.

  3. Well Putin is not here yet so I will voice my opinion in the opposite camp.
    Jackson had to go, refusing to adapt our style of play, and playing his “mates” irrespective, would just mire us into another season of mediocrity, irrespective of who we sign.
    Hats off to TS for this decision.

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