For heaven’s sake calm down

Some of our supporters are completely bonkers. Let’s look at some facts

  1. We have an owner who saved us from oblivion and has shovelled in £16m so far, there wasn’t a queue of people offering to do the same. The Andrew Barclay interest was a mirage because Roland was never going to sell the ground for a fair price. Noone knows for certain , but there is a very high probability we’d have gone bust without Sandgaard. Give the guy the credit he is due and show some respect.
  2. The recruitment last summer was poor and too slow. We lost Millar (underrated), Aneke, Schwartz and the centre half position has been a problem for the last 2 seasons. Add to that the under performance of Gilbey and Morgan, its been a poor season. However, we made a few good signings, notably Stockley, Dobson , Clare and CBT and would have hoped that Kirk would replace Millar and given that we finished the previous season out of the play offs on goal difference, its not surprising that Sandgaard and Adkins were over confident about this season. We all get it wrong sometimes and football is a very difficult business.
  3. When people start moaning ( including ex players) about an owner who shouldn’t be talking about the ‘ high press and the low block’ – what a load of cobblers – of course he can. The low block might be more of a mystery but we all know what he’s talking about with the high press and if we start playing more like we did against Plymouth and Ipswich when we employed the high press I’m all for it !
  4. Anyone who has watched JJ for the last 12 years will love him and he may well have had a good season next year with a proper pre season and some decent add ons to the squad. However, the team have looked lacking in any discernible style over the period of his tenure. Teams have to play to their strengths and it may be a struggle to employ the high press next season if we are playing with Stockley as our target man ( although I think he’s a very good player) but I’m definitely open to giving it a go.
  5. It is vital this summer that Sandgaard and his team gets the recruitment of both a new manager and new players right. I am sure he knows just like we do that it is only results in football that matters. If we have a good season next year, he will be a hero. Supporters are both passionate and fickle.
  6. Finally , look – its just football, I know its important to us and it affects our mood on a Saturday but in the grand scheme of things its not that important – think Ukraine for starters.

The moaning minority need to give our owner a break, he’s still miles in credit with me and I’m sure with the vast majority of supporters. I can’t be hypocritical about social media because Ive enjoyed writing this blog for 10 years now, but some of the people who write crude and insulting messages about the owner on Twitter should be ashamed of themselves. Its embarrassing.

15 thoughts on “For heaven’s sake calm down

  1. well said lets all calm down in foot you have good times and bad times genuine
    supporters stay with the team to get through the bad times they will come back we just have to be patient stick in there

    • Absolutely agree. I personally would like JJ to have had a full season in charge as extrapolating his results over 46 games would have put us in the play offs last season, but like you I did say to an another Addick towards the end of the campaign that we appeared at times to only have one way to play and when found out, had no plan B. Sandgaard is still very much in my good books but the next managerial choice is crucial for him and the club.

  2. Top comments AA.
    Agree with you wholeheartedly on every point.
    The richardheads on twitter can thankfully all stay where they are.

  3. A very thoughtful and, I think, fair summary. With such a disappointing season it is perfectly reasonable for fans to demand change. They cannot, however, expect to cherrypick those changes. It is the prerogative, and responsibility, of the owner to make the decisions he sees fit
    Of course, TS now is only part way through those decisions, and it is even earlier through any subsequent changes.
    In my mind the jury on our owner is most definitely, still out. However, we must wait until the whole process has been completed, hopefully sooner rather than later, before reaching any conclusions.. Even then, xonly after a season or two will those decisions be fully justified or otherwise

  4. Well said as you say short memories and fickle supporters are not a good match thankyou Thomas and here’s to next season.

  5. I agree that TS deserves some respect for saving us and stabilising us off the field.

    None the less, I think it’s fair that some red flags are raised about some of his comments. Firstly, the football wasn’t terrible under JJ, when he had a full squad we looked good I think. Secondly, it wasn’t his team or his players. Thirdly, some of the players we signed in the summer aren’t that good. Against this backdrop, to then suggest that JJs game management wasn’t that great seems unreasonable to me.

    We all know owners have their opinions and a good manager will be pragmatic with that but at the end of the day, there’s a reason TS is an owner and JJ is a manager, only one of the truly has the football experience to do the job.

  6. Agreed, in the grand scheme of the stuff going on in the world right now the fact we are lucky enough to be moaning about our football teams manager seems ridiculous when you think about it. Also personally I think Jacko was lucky to atay on after Bowyer. Sandgaard knew a new complete backroom regime was required, that’s why he’s brought Jon De Souza and Ron Dangerhouse (whatever his name is with the mental beard), both worked at Brentford with Warburton. It’s obvious what’s going on my gut feeling says I’m fairly certain Warburton will be announced shortly.

  7. I usually agree with your comments but not this one. Wrong on so many counts. Ex players know the club and how it runs and how the fans tick. Unlike our owner. Yep he saved us but he should stick to running of the club and leave the football to a manager. The sacking of Jacko was done in a shabby way. Cowardly is the word i was looking for. I accept that managers get sacked but the way our owner did it was shocking. Hence why many Cafc fans are very upset with the owner and the reception he gets on twitter is all of his own doing. As you well know, owners come and go at Cafc and Charlton fans have always been quite vocal about that. As a supporter for 60 yrs, 2 season tickets for 35yrs, i think it gives me a right to have a view like yourself and not have a condersending headline towards fans that are really not happy and do not share your view. Finally. If Jacko had not got the points he did at the time that he did after Adkins. We be in Div 2 right now. Remember we were second from bottom!! As one poster has said plenty of red alarm bells ringing again in our history with owners

  8. Nah I aint calmin dahn, I ave a right to my views so do them other fans who support JJ n all. E aint bein given the chance to ave a full season unlike experienced gaffers like Adkins who nearly took ourn dahn. I don’t go on social media meself iss toxic n full of ate speech but fans ave the right to be critical of Saandgard after all I backed King Roland all the way but it looks like ourn are goin backwards not onwards n thass all there is to it on ere.

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