Warriors required for promotion

I’m disappointed that the club have let Jason Pearce go – I think it’s a mistake. To get promoted from any division you need a couple of warriors in your team. We had Pearce and Pratley in recent years, not long ago we had Andy Hughes. Rotherham got promoted with Richard Wood at the heart of their defence.

Much as I like Stockley and Dobson, neither of them are in the same league as Pearcey in terms of his capacity to intimidate the opposition and win individual battles, think his battle with Mitrovic at Craven Cottage.

Whoever the new manager is and however many young skillful players we get in I hope that the selection team ( whoever that comprises !! – and hopefully the new manager gets a big say and its not just ’Moneyball’ based or we are in big trouble) get at least 1 or 2 real warriors in otherwise we won’t go up.

11 thoughts on “Warriors required for promotion

  1. Thass juss wot I think hn all. I like them older battlers cos they add steel to the team n withahrt them we aint goin nowhere, JJ n King Lee knew it but Saandgard don’t on ere.

  2. Totally agree. This league is full of big aggressive players and we will need to complete if we are to go up.

  3. Sadly we’ve always been a soft touch.Too many bullies / poor officials in this league for intricate football. Too often lost to teams with old fashioned nos 9’s who could barely muster a jog. We’re simply too nice.

  4. The problem as I see it is we need two No.5s for the squad so only one out of Inniss and Pearce because of age and injury concerns can be retained as a new fit strong 5 must be recruited. Players like Lavelle, Clare and Elewere are central defenders but not 5s. In view of Pearce’s service he would have been my preference over Inniss.

  5. Sorry, but Pearce is past it and is a detriment on defence, despite his aggressiveness and solid work ethic. As well, Clare is not a central defender in any stretch and should be playing at mid-field, if at all.
    The club needs a raft of new, quality players who can meld under a capable manager and take us up out this hell-hole known as League One.

  6. Totally agree that we want warriors! Not sure at this stage of his career, Pearce will make the number of games to make a difference, although would still be brilliant in the dressing room. As you say let’s hope the ‘committee’ have a good shot at putting a quality squad together with some heart, hopefully with the new managers input so that it’s ‘his’ team!

  7. I cannot see any Manager of substance wanting to come to Charlton, or any other club, unless they have a valid say on recruitment and style of play. A Manager wants to make HIS mark, build HIS team, and get them to play in HIS style. I hope Charlton recruit a Manager before any players are signed. If it isn’t done in this logical order then l wouldn’t be at all optimistic for the coming season. I would also like to see that TS appreciates and understands the importance of getting the managerial appointment right and following the above advice. Once the Manager is in place then the recruitment team are going to have to work like the clappers to fill the numerous gaps in the squad to be ready for pre-season. That is a very tall order in a short space of time. I agree that those involved in recruitment really need to ‘up their game’ this time round.

    • Bang on Norfolk Red! Get the right guy in and let him have free reign on building a team to his specifications. Johnnie Jackson noted there is a strong core in place on which to build. I totally disagree as few of the current roster warrant spots on the team moving forward. There are some good kids in the system, who need to be further developed, but overall, at least ten to twelve new faces are the order of the day and they should be QUALITY! Add two or three talented loanees from the big teams (not like the ones who came in this year) and let it roll!

  8. T here aint nothin ell ole abahrt it, the Chanpionship aint much better. I used to love life in the PL under King Curbs I don’t see it appenin despite wot Saandgard says on ere,. Ere I thought Pearce was goin to do coachin dahn our gaff n all.

  9. Swan and Ajax in the back four would give is a Warrior presence a d draft The Lizzies into the women’s team!

  10. Norfolk Red is spot on.
    I am beginning to fear a throwback to the Roly days of waster managers after a last paycheck and the recruitment chosen by TS and Son.
    A sure recipe for disaster.
    I hope I am wrong..

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