Grandad Albury

I became a grandad for the first time last night- we welcomed a baby boy into the family –

Our wedding day 36 years ago ( still happily married today) was the day Robert Lee equalised against Sheffield Weds on the opening day of our first Div 1 season in 29 years – where has that time gone ?? Now apparently I’ve become a grandad

Life has flown by.

Anyway when my son was preparing for the big event he was told in his pre natal classes that if you sing a song like twinkle twinkle little star to the unborn child that it will respond to that when it pops out – so he has been diligently singing ”Valley Floyd Road” to the unborn one. As he was handed the new born last night he gently sang it again.

Obviously, we are all very happy.

Already we have the Charlton baby grow, the bibs and anything else I can lay my hands on – we have another little Charlton supporter ( other teams need not apply !)

Its a family thing

Yours Chuffed of Albury

11 thoughts on “Grandad Albury

  1. Many congrats from a fellow Grandad!!
    My two are a 9 year old granddaughter-introduced to The Valley on my birthday this year..Jan 9…she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and my Dutch grandson whose 7…and a budding goal scorer according to my son!
    Hopefully we will have a much better season coming up.
    My pseudonym name was The Godalming Gourmet….given to me by the late, and great Chris Thompson…the one and only Dr.Kish!
    Enjoy your grandchild my friend. Derek Perkins

      • On CAFC I have to admit my ‘sit next to’ buddy and I are watching with intent the progress we make this coming season…or none…as the case maybe!
        I wrote to the Secretary at CAFC Trust..Richard Wiseman recently…had a great reply….full of understanding comments of how a huge number of fans are becoming disillusioned with an owner who seems to be also getting involved in the playing side of things!
        Maybe that’s why we’ve not had an announcement of a new manager!!
        Was down with my brother last weekend watching his Exeter City clinch promotion-he’s been a season ticket holder for years-so excited bless him(81)
        It was good to see Matt Taylor taking the parade around the Stadium…even though they lost the last game. He would do well up here if appointed…but he may not want to leave having just won promo!
        September 15, 2020 is when Chris left us!….where has that 2 years gone!
        Whose side you on today?? D

  2. Many congrats, grandchildren are the best thing in life for grandparents.
    I am expecting number 4 next month and the great thing about them is you enjoy them and then hand them back!
    Unfortunately I have not been able to convert my children to the CAFC fold so I fear another Whammie (daughter) and Gooner (son).

  3. Congrats to the family, another Charlton fan in the future , you never know Grandad may be taking him to watch Charlton in the Premiership , me my son and Grandaughter have season tickets for next season.🥰

      • Watching the Swindon v Port Vale match, as I am, reminds me of our ‘connections’ with Swindon….’our’ Jonnie Williams…still tearing around and dictating play….our Josh Davidson manfully doing his bit….and Matt Taylor doing touchline half-time commentary pitchside! Paints a picture for me….any other connections you know about? The Godalming Gourmet!

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