Welcome and Good Luck Ben

Last night when I read Rich Cawley’s tweet about the appointment of Ben Garner, I was quite angry and my first headline was just ’Underwhelmed’ – but I’ve learnt that when you are angry, its best to sleep on it first before posting. Having slept on it, I think he is a perfectly acceptable new manager.

Ben is relatively young, he performed miracles at Swindon last year on no money and they played decent football ( if I’m honest I don’t really care how we play so long as we win , but generally unless you are Stoke the two go hand in hand). He must have a good knowledge of the best lower league players where we will need to fish given our position and likely budget. He is generally highly regarded in the game, his spell at Bristol Rovers excepted and he will have learnt tons from that.

The most important factor will be our recruitment of players, not our choice of manager. If TS manages to recruit some really good League 1 players, any decent manager will do well.

I always think that Lee Bowyer was overrated because I could have got a team with a midfield of Aribo, Cullen, Bielik, Williams, Fosu, Pratley, Lapslie and Morgan promoted. Thats not to mention a Back 5 that included, Bauer, Sarr, Pearce, Phillips and Djksteel. We should have gone up automatically !

Anyway, lets give Ben our vocal backing and lets hope TS, Steve Gallen and co find the players.

Its funny, I was thinking how the appointment of Lennie Lawrence would have gone down with supporters in the age now of Twitter and social media. Just imagine, Charlton promote a coach who was recently a schoolteacher in Croydon. Imagine the abuse that would have generated for the owners.

Anyway, he turned out to be a bloody genius and led us back to the Premiership in 1986 after 29 years in the wilderness.

Just maybe Ben will be our Lennie for the 2020’s

Keep the faith – COYA

8 thoughts on “Welcome and Good Luck Ben

  1. Let’s hope Ben Garner is another Lennie Lawrence. However its not entirely his ability that concerns me but what happens if by Christmas we are not anywhere near where we start the season, in alphabetical 7th place. TS fired JJ because he had no faith him to get Charlton to the “at worst a playoff” position. In that case Garner and crew could all be gone at year end and another manager in place. For the same reasons given by Curbs for the dismissal of JJ ” it takes time to build a winning team” Garner may not be given that chance as well.

  2. Thank the lord AA a voice of reason amongst the maelstrom of keyboard hysteria and negativity.
    A manager who used to be a manger unlike 2 of our last three. Whenever is there a guarantee of success but this guy may just fit the bill, nothing like reserving judgement.
    Bowyer lucked out with his squad, Adkins was dated and JJ clueless, 4th time lucky let’s hope.

  3. Sums it up when you say hope SG and MS find the players and would hope Mr Garner would demand I will choose what players I want.
    However, CAFC are where we are for several reasons and have to cut our cloth accordingly.
    More like these are the players we have brought in but just we wait and see.

  4. IF Ben Garner is appointed, I would agree and say give the guy a chance.
    Frankly anything would be an improvement on the dross Jackson served up, stubbornly refusing to change the system when we patently didn’t have the tools.
    Top 10 would seem highly unlikely at this moment in time.

  5. Word has it TS is now baulking on the Garner move.
    Never easy at CAFC.
    And yet another week goes by…………………..

  6. I don’t think e is meself n was appy with who we ad. Still e aint gaffer yet so iss a bit soon predictin it all on ere. I prefer waitin to ear from the club than readin rubbish on twitter n all of them ubris seekin sites..

  7. Bowyer wasn’t overrated e took over ourn n done a great job withahrt experience. By wot yourn are sayin no one would get a job less they ad experience but I’m n arf glad employers don’t think like wot yourn do. Same with JJ done a fantastic job withahrt experience of gafferin n would ave taken ourn up n all,. I don’t see it appenin now cos ourn are goin backwards on ere.

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