Roller Coaster Tactics for Charlton

Great news that we’ve finally got a new manager. He’s young and has a decent track record so we can only hope he gets the right ammunition in new players to be successful.

You have to chuckle a bit about this desire to play out from the back, high press, attractive possession football. It all sounds lovely but frankly I couldn’t care less how we play – 3 big blokes up front and missing out the midfield completely would work for me – IF it gets results. Winning is the only thing that matters.

You can imagine the scene as Ryan Inniss gets caught for the 2nd time dribbling out of his own box to allow Accrington to go 2-0 up at The Valley after 10 minutes. Hopefully that won’t happen but it won’t take very long for the tactical geniuses in the crowd to be clamouring for our defenders to stop fannying around and hoof the ball forward.

We might have a few 4-3 or 5-4 results next year. It could be fun but I suspect crowd patience will be needed and we aren’t exactly renowned for that are we ?

2 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Tactics for Charlton

  1. All this talk of how Charlton will play “exciting” attacking football is just that – talk. Yes it might be designed to give the fans hope for a better season, but as the saying goes “the proof will be in the pudding”.. Personally, I read nothing about Ben Garner that he is anything better than the “winner” in Nigel Adkins or he will be here any longer than year end, if we are lower than alphabetically 7 place. TS has not shown much patience in the past two manager’s ability to reach “playoff or better” so my expectation is not high at the moment. .

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