Ball Players come to Charlton

Welcome to Charlton to our 2 new signings, Eoghan and Mandela. They both look like very useful additions and the reshaping of the squad is gaining momentum. I think the policy of bringing the best players from a lower level, in this case, Swindon & Rochdale is generally a better plan than bringing in players from the Championship, think Watson, Gunter, Arter even Famewo.

I don’t think the quality gap is as great as generally thought and this way we get players who are on the way up with a point to prove rather than those who think League 1 is a step down and a bit below their level of ability. I’m all for a tough centre half from Rochdale – lets all hope that he comes up against Lyle Taylor at some point and converts him into Row Z.

This whole narrative about our new style utilising ball playing players is a bit of a hoot. It makes you wonder what our previous professional footballers did with the ball. I certainly wouldn’t want to build a team of non ball playing footballers.

3 thoughts on “Ball Players come to Charlton

  1. Let the next season get under way before you get excited. Time will tell how well this new manager and new players perform.

  2. Terry thass juss wot I think n all. I aint gettin carried away on ere either n aint expectin much from the new gaffer or players on ere.

  3. As I did not know much about Egbo I took a look at the highlights of the Swindon v Port Vale 2nd semi-final on SKY. about 5 mins in Egbo badly misjudged the flight of a cross from the left which allowed the PV player to control and cross for a tap in. The other full back Iandolo would have been my pick but he would have cost money. I am not unduly worried as I confidently predict U18 Asiimwe will compete for the No.2 shirt. Other candidates if not selected as a central defenders would be Clare, Ness, Elewere and Lavelle. My main concern is a lack of left footed defenders as Purrington and Famewo have departed. I know little of O’Connell but it appears from Wikipedia that he wore the No.6 shirt on debut for Bury which hopefully indicates he is left footed.

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