Dogs Dinner behind the scenes at Charlton

Rick Everitt who can be a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to the goings on at Charlton called it exactly right at the beginning of TS’s ownership at Charlton when he criticised the decision not to appoint an experienced CEO to run the club. I wasn’t certain he was correct because there are lots of different successful business models these days without necessarily having to be that traditional. I was wrong.

Thomas has made a series of senior appointments that have worked out badly, notably Ged Roddy, Wayne Mumford and now Brian Jokat who barely lasted long enough to locate the coffee machine.

He has appointed his son to a senior role which regardless of Martin’s talents is never a good idea and he has now got the very fragrant Raelynnn performing a who knows what role of HR assassin in chief.

However successful and brilliant Thomas has been in the past, the right way to run the football club would be to appoint a sensible and competent CEO, working full time at the club and let them get on with it providing financial resource and acting as a sounding board and mentor. He can’t run the club as a quasi CEO from Colorado.

Football clubs are unique in the variety of noisy stakeholders that have to be managed effectively. Zynex Medical may have customers, shareholders, staff and the financial community to deal with, but a football club has all of those in spades plus a bunch of customers( sorry fans) who also think they own the club and have a huge variety of passionately held and sometimes bonkers ideas about how THEIR business should be run.

With regard to ticket and hospitality sales, the biggest influence on that will be who we sign and fans expectation of success on the pitch. Increasing the marketing effort and the volume of cold calling staff will have a negligible effect if its not part of a coordinated campaign (preferably driven by a sensible CEO) which includes fan engagement. Running a football club is not like running Zynex where putting more sales reps on the road increases sales.

So far, we have made some encouraging player acquisitions who look useful but we’ve lost one of our best players in Connor Washington and need to be realistic because all 3 newbies have been League 2 out of contract players so its not exactly an avalanche of great new talent. We’ve also replaced our relatively inexperienced manager with another one.

We are Charlton fans so we have to keep hoping that a new sunlit dawn is arriving soon but the jury remains firmly out until we see the shape of the full team line up.

10 thoughts on “Dogs Dinner behind the scenes at Charlton

  1. I have to fully endorse your concerning comments…TS and his wife and son seem to have taken up important roles at Charlton without experience. Experienced staff have been dumped in favour of ineffective replacements and poor appointments will not produce positive outcomes.
    I’m becoming increasingly worried about the direction the club is going….

  2. I agree with above. We are running out off time to get new players in so we start new season as TEAM
    not a bunch of players like a pub side . Give the new manger a chance.

  3. I wrote exactly a year ago that things were not looking good with so many players having departed and few replacements coming through the door. I was right to be concerned based on the start we had to last season. TS states that things are a lot better this year….he is, (unfortunately), living in cloud cuckoo land. As things stand today 13 players have departed and just 3 have arrived. We are way down on mumbers and I am afraid down on quality. Our new manager has told the world how we are going to play…I wonder how many goals we need to concede by tip-tap passiing in our own penalty area before he might review his tatics. I bought my season ticket before JJ was removed and before our new tatics were announced…I wonder if I can get my money back?

    • Have to agree with all the views….simple maths…poor squad + lack of preparation + poor leadership + lack of a experienced CEO + staff unrest = relegation + fan protests
      I REALLY hope I’m wrong but I read my tea leaves and I’m very very anxious for the coming season.

  4. Is strange how many football club owners so successful in other aspects of business, come into owning a football club and make a complete mess of it. I mean Roland’s idea that you can draft in Belgium League Two players in to a Championship club against the manager’s wishes (shakes head) and it be a success!

    We all knew it was a massive mistake this was so why was he blind to it…

    I don’t like to compare Thomas to Roland, but he is also making a bit of a mess of things. Us football fans, despite most of us not being successful millionaire businessmen can see clear as day the mistakes he is making. Why can he be so successful in business but is as you say making a dog’s dinner of running a football club…

    I read a book called the Intelligence Trap and it is about how very intelligent people do stupid things and make big mistakes. It is partly through a inflated self-belief, a view they are infallible and know better than everyone else. Therefore they continue make massive errors of judgement despite the warnings from those around them. I wonder if there is a touch of this with Thomas; he knows best ignore the doubters.

    Anyway I think we can all agree on one thing. Charlton are unlikely to fair any better this season with the signing of a goal keeper and one defender and losing the likes of Conor Washington and Ben Purrington. Not that these player were exceptional but they could do a job.

  5. This new broom of TS’s management is not sweeping clean at the moment. His record to this time has not really been “building” but more of “pulling down”. Certainly as Owner he can operate the Club however he chooses but the fact that he is operating in a business model that might be Zynex Medical is clearly not the model for an EFL club such as Charlton Athletic. If the terminations of the back room staff is due to his intolerance of experienced people then the Club is headed for another season of poor performance on many levels. As with his Zynex Medical business so with Charlton in the simple premise that experienced people lead to success while inexperience leads to failure. Please hear our roar TS. Thank you

  6. Yeah well iss wot you call gettin is mates n pals in to take ourn dahn. Queen Kat done a better job than wot I reckon is wife will do but we do need more women runnin things dahn our gaff. King Roland was doin a good job, e got in the right people n backed Lee Bowyer one of ourn to the ilt, somethin TS was never capble of with JJ. I don’t see ourn progressin this season but juss stayin put if we’re lucky on ere.

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