Bright future likely at Charlton

Nothing is certain in football and if we get a few key player injuries this season, it could be tough again. We need a bit of luck as well as good players. As useful as our promotion winning side under Chris Powell was, if we hadn’t signed Yann on a free transfer in September, we probably wouldn’t have been Champions and 9th the following year in the Championship.

HOWEVER !! – we really have some excellent young players coming through, the nucleus of whom have swept all before them in the U18 leagues, it is potentially a golden generation coming though at Charlton. Miles Leaburn is the probably the tip of the iceberg. He already looks very comfortable in mens football. At 18, he was arguably the best player on the pitch last night. Deji Elewere, Lucas Ness, Charles Clayden and Aaron Henry all played and looked pretty comfortable. That is 5 home grown players, or 6 if you include Albie Morgan. Below them, there is another whole level teeming with talent, Daniel Kanu, Jason Adigun, Seydil Toure, Euan Williams, Dylan Gavin, Tyreece Campbell. and there are lots more………………..the list is almost endless.

Maybe we will sell some of the potential stars at some point but the news that Miles has signed a 3 year deal is very welcome.

The doom and gloom from some on Twitter is boring. Yes of course we need some luck and its never going to be easy and we’d all rather be playing at a higher level but the fact is that we aren’t- but with the platform now being created, I think the next 10 years will be very progressive and successful.

Patience will definitely be needed this season because we are going to give away goals fannying around at the back but we are on a new journey and I think it will be fun and ultimately promotion winning – a couple of times !!!

5 thoughts on “Bright future likely at Charlton

  1. Patience is the key word as you say AA. I am hoping not 10 years as I probably wont see that out, but this season I cant see us challenging the top 6, it will take time to adjust to the “new” system. I hope TS gives Garner the chance long term to develop his style and does not get trigger happy at Xmas if we are not top half.
    BUT ——- anything will be better than the dross Jackson churned out. I wouldn’t want to be watching Wimbledon this year.

  2. Much is made of teenage player candidates age. The old adage: If they’re good enough they’re old enough, holds true and always will.

    Us Addicks old stagers, from long, long, experience, find it easier to anticipate the worst, than expect the best. Yes, of course there could be early season injuries and yes we may not have suitable replacements. This season we have much to be thankful for, some quality signings have been signed; a new manager with an impressive CV waiting to prove his mettle.
    Let’s break with longtime precedent and dredge up some optimism.
    Doug Morrison
    The late Dr Kish’s Favourite Glaswegian

  3. I predict that Albie Morgan will have a positive season and I know that he was frustrated at the way he was frequently dropped by JJ…..its now time for Albie to take the opportunity to be consistent.

  4. It is a total joy for me that Miles Leaburn is creating such a positive impression. He missed many matches whilst in the U18s through injury but made significant progress at the end of last season. I have been a fan for some time because he is a player who can read the game and can bring other players into the game as well as score his share of goals. I have followed the U18s since the late 1960s and have seen most of our young prospects come through.
    The U18s in the 1980s produced many fine players including Carl Leaburn, Minto, Barness, Pitcher, Lange, Grant, Watson and Bennett. Unfortunately both Leaburn and Bennett suffered severe injuries early in their careers which had a detrimental effect on their careers. Leaburn’s back injury sustained in his very first game at Newcastle meant that he could not fulfill the massive potential he showed as an U18, although he still did Charlton proud. Hopefully Leaburn junior will not suffer the same fate in senior football, but should be handled with care by the management. Under the present regime I fear he will be sold before he completes many games. I thought you missed 2 players from your list who I rate very highly namely Nathan Asiimwe and Teroy Anderson

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