Striker Shortage

Charlton look woefully short in the striker department with the season opener only 5 days away now.

There are various conflicting noises emerging from the club about the need for another striker but you don’t need to be a Mastermind to conclude that we definitely do. One of the defining moments of last years poor season was the 4-0 home defeat by Oxford who could easily have scored seven. The biggest problem that day was not that we didn’t have the same number of players on the pitch as them but that all of Washington, Aneke and Stockley were out injured and we had to play Leko up front , who was quite frankly , pretty hopeless. The opposition become bolder and more confident when they know that you don’t carry any goalscoring threat. They take more chances and in the Oxford game it was thoroughly depressing.

Now it may be that our Ben Garner is a tactical genius on a scale seldom seem at The Valley before and his plan is to pack the team with 7 midfielders – but he probably isn’t, so please get at least one experienced and decent striker in soon to give us the best chance of being competitive this season

10 thoughts on “Striker Shortage

  1. Totally agree with your comment, once again we appear to be waiting for the younger loan opportunities that, from a striker perspective, rarely work. Aneke is likely to be available for a third of the season if we are lucky. So a player that will stand the rigorous schedule and physicality of League 1 football is a must AND before it is too late. As proven last year a bad start has so many implications if you have a squad that contains a few players who are prone to regular injuries.

  2. It is beyond believe that Charlton signed Chuks knowing his injury history. If will be lucky if Chuks manages to play 25 per cent of the season. A striker should have been the priority and not a bevy of midfielders.

  3. Shockin juss shockin, thass juss wot I think why did we lose Washintgon from our gaff. One of the England women could sign up, sure they’d do a good job dahn our gaff..

  4. I have been saying that a striker was a necessity ever since Washington left two months ago. In fact we need at least two stikers and also urgently needed is a genuine left back. Depressingly I feel we are in a worse position than we were a week before the start of last season. We know how badly last season started and it is difficult to be optimistic about the start of this season….I would love to be proved wrong.

  5. Fact: Last season required 80 goals to get top 6.
    Fact; Last season we scored 55
    Fact: Last season Washington scored 12 of those 55
    Fact; This season we need therefore to almost double our tally – who with?
    Fact: We are right in the doggy doo with relegation far more likely than promotion, which sadly seems a pipedream even before the season starts.
    Unless of course someone pulls (at least 2) rabbits out of the hat.

    • Fact; we are lighter on numbers than last season no depth
      Fact; we are weaker than last season
      Fact; TS hasn’t got a scooby
      Fact; mid table again, probably sack BG after 10 games ” not his fault he’s not been giving the right tools to do the job’

      I hope TS plan to buy the ground from Roland is not based on premier league money cos he not taking us there under his currently way

      #TS OUT

  6. Have to totally agree….Stockley is struggling up front and I was suprised to see Leaburn playing as a winger, he could have played up front as a feeder for Stockley.
    Able Morgan and Sean Clare had an impressive game both looking comfortable in their respective roles.
    The pitch looked magnificent and credit to the groundstaff who prepared it in record time.

  7. If Charlton don’t get another striker in – preferably one with pace who can play off of Stockley or Aneke – and they succumb to a long-term injury ‘up top’ then the season will be a write-off. I fear that the club’s hierarchy has not learned the lessons of last season. The team’s problems last season, especially during the first ten games, stemmed from playing a system with one up front. This contributed massively to the team’s inability to score and culminated in Adkins dismissal. It looks as though Garner will play a similar system. Groundhog day? I hope not.

  8. I rate Leaburn very highly but he should be introduced to senior football in a slow measured manner, by being on the subs bench and coming on for the last 20-30 minutes of games. His father received a very severe injury in his very first game and missed almost a season before returning.
    I said recently on Chicago Addicts’ site that we should have 5 strikers, 2 in the starting 11, 2 on the subs bench and 1 more to cover for injuries and suspensions. Aneke is unlikely to play half the games and will probably mainly feature as a sub. Stockley will no doubt miss games for injury and in particular for bookings and red cards His tackle early in the Swansea game was horrendous and should have been red carded. So we need an experienced striker to start with Stockley with Leaburn and Aneke as the subs, but Aneke was injured against Welling so no.5 will be needed, probably 17 year old Kanu..
    I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that Garner is a puppet and that TS and MS haven’t got a clue of how to run a football club. As for Gallen his performance recently has been totally second rate.

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