Tippy Tappy football coming to The Valley

I know I am expressing a Neanderthal view of football, but I don’t really like the thought of Ben Garner’s style of football. In all the years that I have been watching Charlton in the lower leagues I can only remember a couple of examples of teams who pulled it off successfully. Reading did for a while, Swindon briefly under Hoddle, maybe Brighton when they got promoted and that Swansea team where the entire team was under 5 foot and they were impossible to get the ball from. The Premier League is a different planet of player capability and only really Man City and Liverpool get away with it even there.

I am resolutely in the 442 camp with two good strikers, a la Wright Phillips and Kermit, Hales & Flanagan, Mendonca and Hunt, Taylor and anyone. I like powerful, big athletic teams playing like Rotherham and Wigan did last year and Peterboro did the year before.

Anyway, looks like Tippy Tappy is the way this year and its going to be a roller coaster as we watch Inniss, O’Connell and Lavelle make 38 short passes between them before dribbling out from the back whilst we all hold our breath or cover our eyes until its all over. I shall be watching the team with more hope than expectation. As it stands whilst some of the summer recruitment looks good, the current squad is not strong enough to challenge. Another experienced striker is essential with probably a winger and left back too.

I shall get behind the team as normal and who knows- maybe I’ll be a tippy tappy convert by the end of the season.

10 thoughts on “Tippy Tappy football coming to The Valley

  1. Absolutely agree with every word you wrote. Why entice trouble in our own penalty area when just one kick to the halfway line relieves pressure. I did not go to Accrington but noted from the highlights two instances when we gave the ball away in our own area but luckily were not punished. One thing is for certain : we will eventually be punished if we keep making 5 yard passes in our own area. I will go to the Derby game full of trepidation rather than the normal early season optimism.

  2. Totally agree. As you mentioned, very rarely in the lower leagues do teams have a goalkeeper and 3/4 defenders technically capable of playing out from the back. Always makes me smile when I watch a lower league team try it. Invariably the ball gets passed along the back line as defenders start to panic under pressure and end up passing it back to the goalkeeper who makes a hurried attempt to hoof it up field anyway, 20 seconds after he had it at his feet anyway.

  3. So, having a different point of view is now negative? Ridiculous. We are all fans and we all have our opinions. I happen to agree with all the comments on here made about tippy-tappy football following your piece. Like the rest, l fear the worst but hope for the best. Another striker to share the load with Stockley must be a priority in this ‘window’ but not the only position in obvious need of strengthening.

  4. I completely understand the point and having been there at Accrington on Saturday we got away with more than a couple of very close shaves. For sure we tried to play short balls across the back 4 plus keeper too many times. We need to learn good times and bad times to use this approach. However, many of us moaned last year (and previous years) how we just resorted to a long hopeful ball which we rarely retained. So I see it as a question of balance, if we have space and the player receiving wont be immediately under pressure then play out from the keeper and try to build play to peoples’ feet.
    As soon as playing short creates an obvious danger, just accept you need to go long but know who your targets are. I stress the plural there – not just a single man against two or three defenders.
    Our ball retention got noticeably better from the last 10/15 minutes when Leaburn came on, as by then we had basically resorted to a long ball from the back. Without his presence we probably would have lost let alone nearly snatched a win. Im not criticising Jaiyesimi who I thought in the first half looked dangerous. But as the second half became an increasingly aerial game, Leaburn added not just height but also good composure on the ball.
    But it was the first league game and overall our play was much more enjoyable and exciting to watch than for a few seasons. When I came away from Accrington last year I vowed never to go there or maybe anywhere again. This time I felt disappointed we hadn’t stolen 3 points but pleased that the side looked worth watching again. So Im happy that Garner at least has a clear plan and we will hopefully become a much better footballing side that we’ve been for 2 or 3 seasons.

  5. The system BG/TS wants to play is questionable with the players we have in key positions. For example Stockley does not in my opinion suit the role of a lone striker as he is not great technically, he is a strong old fashioned No.9 who needs a more technical co striker playing within 10 yards. Aneke if fit or Leaburn. The role that Washington played last season. Jayesimi and Blackett-Taylor are squad players at best. Hopefully Payne can grab a place and Clayden should be given a chance as a winger rather than wasted as a full back.
    Wollacott ,O’Connell and Egbo have been recruited because of the playing out from the back mantra.
    I watched Egbo in the matches Swindon played against Port Vale he was very moderate, Wollacott is a good shot stopper but his slight build will make him vulnerable when defending set plays. O’Connell is very comfortable in possession but lacks pace and jumps poorly, so defensively is a liability. He should have done better with both Accrington goals.
    JFC is said to be available for transfer, but he and Morgan are the only midfielders who can deliver a 30-40 yard incisive pass.
    I have watched CAFC since late 1950s so have seen good and bad times, frankly now is the worst since the 1970s when we had the doubtful pleasure of watching players such as Bolland, Endean, Hunt and Dunphy.

      • Dunphy had ability when at Millwall but he had a bad attitude when he played for us, he was always criticising other players when he made mistakes. In particular when he aimed a tirade of abuse at Flanagan in a FA Cup game at Chelmsford. I thought he was a nasty piece of work.

    • I agree that our weakest area is up front right now and Stockley isn’t so suited to building play on the ground. I was worried about Wollacott preseason but he was excellent on Saturday against a tough physical side. My first match at the Valley was 1958 so agree we’ve seen a lot better in their day. And sometimes a lot worse. If we could fix the striker problem we’d look a significantly better side.

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