No more strikers ?

I want to be positive about our start. I thoroughly enjoyed the Derby game although on 99 times out of 100, given the chances they missed Derby should have won. QPR was really entertaining and by all accounts we played well at Sheffield Weds. So far so good and Ben Garner’s tactics seem to be a breath of fresh air.

The U21’s continue to stuff pretty much everyone, this afternoon 5-3 against a very strong Sheffield Utd side. The future continues to look bright

There is one dark cloud. I don’t really care what Ben says about not needing or not being able to afford another striker but if we don’t get one, I cannot see us getting promoted. I am a fan of Jayden Stockley he is an excellent League 1 striker but in this system particularly, its a huge physical ask for him to play virtually on his own for 90 mins every week.

Chuks is very good at this level too , but we will struggle to get more than 15-20 games out of him. Miles Leaburn looks really good ( better than Burstow) but he’s only 18 and cannot be expected to lead the line on his own.

If this transfer window closes and Stockley gets injured, we will be in deep deep trouble.

8 thoughts on “No more strikers ?

  1. Agreed… looks as though Garner is relying on the midfield to chip in with 40 ish goals over the season, but that still leaves the front runners (whoever they may be) to get another 40 odd between them for the team to be anywhere near promotion totals…….could Aneke, Stockley and Leaburn do that between them ?….I doubt it.
    Aneke will play probably 40% of the seasons minutes, Stockley is a fish out of water in the current formation, and Leaburn (as good as he is in reserve football) is a novice at League One level.
    I hope to God I am proved wrong, but I cant see us getting promoted without the help of one, possibly two proven goalscorers at this level.

  2. I agree entirely, it seems that the new owner came in last year with a 5 year plan to get to the Premier division, I thank him for putting money into the Club but now after spending no money on transfer fees we do not have a budget to buy a much needed striker. Why if it is a question of budget did we sign all these midfielders and seem to ignore the best one Jake Forster-Caskey.

    • Agree with you on JFC – the problem with new brooms is that sometimes they sweep out the diamonds too. He was the best midfielder in the year we came 7th and is the most technically gifted

  3. Dissagree with Stockley being a fish out of water, he could and probably should already have 2 goals and then we are talking about a different scenario and his hold up play is excellent. I like this system and believe it is Kirk and CBT that should have chipped in with more goals so far . Early days but my gut is telling me that Ben Garner knows exactly what he wants and I like it.

    • Didn’t mean Stockley is not a good player at this level, just that I think he wouldn’t have a decent enough goal return to get us promoted in the present formation. Stockley is much more effective in a ‘two’….Washington was the perfect foil for Stockley last season, but injuries limited the time they played together.

  4. We will be back in the panic loan market in January – just like this year with those 2 from the PL, and then never get a kick.
    Two things you can be sure of – Death, Taxes…………..Oh and Charlton f***king it up.

  5. A proper 4-3-3 doesn’t need someone “to lead the line”. Who does that role at Liverpool. You are describing a 4-5-1.

  6. I agree on gettin rid of Washington e should never ave done it, thass another mistake by the owner, to many I reckon on ere.

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