No Striking Options, No promotion

It’s easy for me to tell Thomas that he needs to put his hand in his pocket for another striker but I’m not the guy who is funding the club to the tune of £6-8m a year.The problem is that, however good Garner is as a manager, without some alternative experienced options up front, it will be impossible to get us promoted.

The longer we are marooned in the 3rd division, the more money Thomas will lose and the further behind Palace ( and God forbid) Millwall we are falling.

Letting Washington AND Davison go without a replacement arriving just looks silly. Stockley is an excellent player but in this system he is either going to get injured or completely knackered without any back up available. Apparently, another centre half is the priority which doesn’t speak volumes for Deji or Ness or indeed Sean Clare who can also play there, in addition to O’Connell, Inniss and Lavelle.

If I was the manager and had to choose just one position, I’d get another striker over another centre half every day of the week.

There again, I’m not the manager which is probably just as well !

8 thoughts on “No Striking Options, No promotion

  1. Have to agree Albury….I really felt sorry for Jaden as he had limited opportunities and their keeper pulled off great saves with his headers.
    What a difference a few days make and we laboured against a well organised side.
    Jaden needs support and praise must go to Albie and Sean who I felt had decent games.

  2. I agree 100% , Stockley will get injured at some time also he will have card trouble yellow or red and as you say he needs a rest Saturday Tuesday games will take there toll, I’m not a moaner about the Owner he is ten times better than the last owner , maybe getting somebody in to help with investing in the club.

  3. It is sad to say, that even still in the midst of summer and 9 odd months left in the season, the best we can hope for is another season mired in mid table mediocrity. Maybe a cup run to keep interest alive.
    Lets be frank, Ipswich, Sheff Wed, Portsmouth and Peterbro already look head and shoulders above anyone else. No doubt Wycombe and Derby will improve………..get my gist.
    As an example, from yesterday like us Ports were struggling 1-1 at home to “inferior” opposition. Difference they could change things up in the last 15 mins and run out 3-1 winners. We could not.
    Why? because the signed the likes of Joe Pigott and Colby Bishop – ie goalscorers.

  4. Spot on! Goals win matches and that’s how you get promoted…
    I didn’t watch the Cambridge match but noted that we had a high possession percentage. Once again, this doesn’t win matches. Pretty passing looks good but does not of itself win matches! Certainly we might need a left-sided CH/CB but someone with a good goal scent is our urgent priority.

  5. Totally agree with the above, I have said multiple times on here and on Chicago Addick’s blog, we will not be able to compete for a top six place unless the striking options improve……the hierarchy seem to think our squad at the moment has enough goalscorers……yesterday game disputes that notion, and there will be more results like that in the future unless a goalscorer (or two) can be added to the numbers.

  6. The last owner done a great jon n least we got promoted under KR with King Lee. Thass somethin yourn forget who juss like to be negative on ere. One good win against Plymouth who ad a man sent off don’t a summer make. Well thass wot I think n gettin rid of Washinton was a uge mistake, Withahrt replacin im we’re goin nowhere n thgss all there is to it on ere.

  7. I’d go for a striker every time, but they always say you build from the back. Difference is as a fan I want to be entertained as well as promoted whereas the experts think of promotion only?
    A mobile clever tricky striker …yes please

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