Ambition under Sandgaard evaporating

Following last nights shambolic close to the transfer window, obviously,we all HOPE like Ben Garner and Thomas Sandgaard that we have enough to challenge for promotion, but given the striker options, we now don’t EXPECT to challenge for promotion, do we ?

Long gone are the days of ‘ reaching the Premier League and playing European football in the next 5 years’ or Adkins assertion when we played promoted Hull- ‘that will be us next year’. This transfer window has cemented our position as a mid table 3rd division outfit. Sandgaard’s principal stated ambition now has changed from getting to the Premier League to ‘making the club financially sustainable’ and reducing costs and losses. Unfortunately, that’s not how football works and hasn’t worked like that for the last 50 years or so. Cost cutting and reducing losses will not result in success on the pitch and unless we are successful on the pitch, revenues will decrease and losses will increase. Charlton are not Accrington, although hanging on for grim death in the 3rd division might become our mission if the cost cutting and lack of success on the pitch continues.

It is very disappointing that competing with virtually every other London club remains tantalisingly out of reach. For most of my 50 years supporting Charlton, I have regarded Fulham, Watford, Palace, Millwall, QPR and Brentford as similar clubs or a bit smaller than us. Now we compete with the Wimbledon’s, Orient’s and Wycombe’s, its a bit sad. The Richard Murray Premiership period was a wonderful dream.

We’ve had a decent start to the season and Garner seems like a sensible bloke and who knows, maybe he is the next Brian Clough and he will triumph against the odds, Lennie Lawrence did it – but an injury to Stockley in the next month or two is likely to see the early season optimism evaporate as fast as Sandgaard’s ambition.

5 thoughts on “Ambition under Sandgaard evaporating

  1. A perfectly reasonable and fair summing up of yet another disappointing Summer Window. The injury point is well made and, I fear, inevitable.
    Mid-table mediocracy is equally inevitable.

  2. Thass juss wot I think n all but I’ve been sayin it on ere under Saandgard ourn are goin nowhere unlike under King Roland where ourn went up. Juss a shane ourn went dahn back then cos it was so close n all.

  3. Albury
    Your comments are as usual completely accurate, but of course as fans what can we do,apart from not attending matches,the result which will be detrimental to the club and it’s finances. Question, can T.S, really afford to own our club?, will he pull the plug and cut his losses and walk away, or look for a investor with deep pockets,without neither happening the results could be dire.Best wishes.

  4. The cost cutting exersise mentioned in your article was specifically directed to areas other than the team, according to Sangaard in an interview published on the official website, prior to the window closing. The breaking even stategy is also (from the same interview) about building revenue streams which has already happened in sponsorships deals (according to the club).

    I think that this recruitment period has overall been pretty positive, albeit with a disapointing end. TS said right at the beginning that he wasn’t just going to throw money at it but, try instead, to build sustainably. It seems to me that, that is exactly what is happening.

    I am aware that the sentiment in this article is shared generally amoungst the fans, it is not one that I agree with.

    • Chris – fair enough – candidly I don’t believe the cost cutting is just on the non playing side – the biggest cost is on the playing side and he is steadily reducing it. Im conscious that this could be an overly negative view of this season but given the lack of goals in the team and options up front to give Stockley a break I think there is a pretty good chance we will be dragged down to the bottom end of the table again
      Garner has just admitted that the Top 6 is highly unlikely – so that leaves us a relatively narrow gap not to be involved at the other end !

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