Elizabeth the Great

When I was a young Socialist leftie, I was all for a bit of a revolution and abolishing the monarchy. I’ve always been deeply suspicious of young people who are Conservative because there is nowhere sensible to go when you get older, maybe they end up like Nigel Farage or Jacob Rees-Mogg (ugh !)

Anyway, As I got older ( and older !), I think I began to appreciate the value of the institution and in particular the selfless, stoic and heroic service of Queen Elizabeth. Yesterday was a very sad day for the country and many people all around the World. She truly was a legend.

Camilla Long in The Times is one journalist who continually writes negative stuff about the Monarchy. When you consider the terrible second rate characters and morally bankrupt chancers who inhabit the political world now, I cannot imagine a stupider idea than replacing the monarchy with yet more elected political Presidential nominees.

Charlie seems like a decent bloke. I used to be a mentor for The Princes Trust and it is a brilliant organisation. His ideas on Planning, Farming and Climate Change were probably 20 years ahead of his time. If you fancy a nice day out , get down to his model village, Poundbury in Dorset, its fabulous.

I hope the Nation gets behind him now.

God Save the KIng.

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth the Great

  1. The Queen was a pillar of stability throughout her reign. A life of unstinting public service. History will remember her kindly. I’m extremely glad that she survived the end premiership of “ President” Johnson . On the subject t of ubiquitous shape shifters it was ironic the the Queen had her first and last audience with the current PM who in her previous life as a LIb Dem called for the abolition of the monarchy. RIP Ma’am.

  2. I will n arf miss the Queen n all, never wanted this day to come on ere,. The Lib Dems aint against the monarchy in case you aint eard, Ed Davey gave one of the best speeches on the queen today.

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