A Night at The Valley

With sincere apologies to Poetry – sometimes a different approach is needed , here goes ….

It was a cold, damp, drizzly night at The Valley, Less people there than a Liz Truss Rally

We came to see a football demolition, We even attended of our own volition

Changes galore, six and counting, Possession possession passes mounting

We only have one fit quality striker, Leave him benched like a stranded hitchhiker

A breakthrough goal, the atmosphere lifts, Possession, possession, the Rovers gifts

Then the mist breaks, the midfield crumbles, JFC an eskimo whilst McGrandles bumbles

Team selection a mystery, everyone’s a winger, A cock up from Jo Jo, a real humdinger

A draw with Forest Green Rovers, who are they?, Is this where we are now, they make us pay

A suburb of Bristol, a ground named after a Lawn, Not the start we wanted, no closer to our new dawn  

You can’t win games without good mobile strikers, Our forwards seem slower than the Hairy Bikers

Jayden’s a goal scorer but he’s a one man band, The club and team are stuck in shifting sand

Addicks to Victory, that dreadful boring dirge, Irritates me more, prompting a sickness urge

I want to support, it’s been all my life, But its tough right now, the problems rife

The summer transfer business a shambles at best, No strikers arriving Washington and Davison, that’s two less

Garner, Gallen and Tommy apparently not fussed It seems to us that maybe Tommy’s gone bust

AA( 1957-)

4 thoughts on “A Night at The Valley

  1. AA can I add a couple of verses ?

    The Valley’s two thirds empty, must be our fault they say.
    Invisible bums missing from seats, all because we won’t pay.

    An ill-considered tweet, hastily withdrawn.
    “Attendance” figures given for fans who stay at home.

    Garner need some help before he gets down hearted.
    “Addicks To Victory”? – don’t get me started !!

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