442 and tippy tappy football

If you have players with unbelievable quality like Manchester City or Liverpool, in fact, half the Premiership teams, you can play the ball around the back as long as you like. In fact, if you are Man City it doesn’t really matter what formation you play or what the tactics are, you’ve got the best players and therefore they do what they want.

It’s a bit different at Charlton , isn’t it. We’ve filled the team with solid League 1 and 2 players plus the odd loanee and maybe one or two who could play in the Championship if I’m being generous. Consequently, the slow build up from the back ( in my opinion) is doomed to failure because we haven’t got the quality on the pitch to make it successful. This is compounded by the catastrophic failure to secure a 2nd striker to play along Stockley. We should all be praying he doesn’t get injured because if he does, we will be relegation candidates for sure.

I’m boringly repetitive about this but I absolutely don’t care how we play so long as we get results. I differ from the owner on this point who obsesses about pretty football but hasn’t resourced the manager to get close to it.

Basically, teams score goals when they get the ball in the opposition’s box which is what we need to do more quickly and more often. You cant score from your own half or just over the half way line.

In order to do this , we should revert to a conventional 442 and let Leaburn and Stockley bully defenders together

You know it makes sense ……….

6 thoughts on “442 and tippy tappy football

  1. How many times did we have a throw in the opposition half and the balll ends back with our keeper,to many times , ends up with the keeper doing panic kick up field or across our back line.

  2. Totally agree. If we don’t play to Stockleys strength ie a strike partner in a two we are stuffed. He’s capable of doing damage at this level and not utilising his strengths is suicidal.

  3. Yeah I agree but ourn should go long ball n all. We done it before when Powell was gaffer n got in good positions for goals. So thass wot I want to see more of route 1 after all is league 1 n thass the best way to play it not always but you ave to take risks on ere. Ere I aint sure abahrt 3 at the back either it juss don;’t work so iss 4-4-2 for me n all.

  4. I agree with your comments regarding playing out from the back, in that we lack the quality of player to implement the system. O,Connell was recruited because of his so called ability to implement this style of play. But although he is comfortable on the ball he is extremely poor when defending as he lacks pace and jumps poorly. He was culpable for two goals last week and on Saturday was outjumped by an opponent near the half way line and once again left floundering on the ground whilst Oxford were able to capitalise and score. I cannot understand why JFC is not an automatic choice in midfield. It seems to be down to the terms of his contract being too onerous for TS to stomach.
    It is becoming increasingly obvious that TS cannot fund the team properly and at the very least should seek a financial boost by seeking a co-owner.

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