Jake Forster Caskey

Ben Garner must be completely bonkers if he is not playing JFC when he is fit and available. Inevitably the guy will be rusty and will need to be reintegrated to the team carefully because he’s had a serious injury, but he is still only 28 and probably the only player in this squad capable of playing at Championship level. We are desperately short of quality all over the pitch, need goalscoring progressive midfielders ( because we forgot to buy a striker ?) and he’s not even getting in the squad.

Its just a very poor decision.

10 thoughts on “Jake Forster Caskey

  1. Totally agree easily beat creative midfielder. Garner does not realise that you change the system to suite the players you have complete text book idiot who thinks the other wayvaround

  2. In my opinion if Ben Garner cannot see that JFC is a better than the second division midfielders he has brought in he shouldn’t be managing a football club. JFC is by far the best midfielder in the squad. I have great doubts about Ben Garner, as a coach he should firstly be ensuring that we tighten the defence, it is not the players It is the press system that we are incapable of playing. Secondly when playing at home we should be playing two strikers up front. I would give Garner the next two games and if we are not winning sack him.

  3. Always liked JFC and would be great if he were back as the player he was. However I watched him at Walsall in the League Cup and he had an absolute stinker, you could see from his body language that he realised it too. Our big problems aren’t in midfield. Would love to have a free scoring midfielder but tbh Fraser and Payne do have 3 or 4 goals each.
    At the moment he’s not a player you could build anything around. Sad but there it is.

  4. Garner had to come out with some bulls^^t denying JFC was not playing because of a performance related clause in his contract, citing he “didn’t know the details of the players contract” What tosh. He is the manager so of course he knows. And if he doesn’t I can tell him yes JFC DOES have such a deal – and I have no connection at all to the club!
    Hence why TS has put a ban on Garner picking him (no help to balance the books you see)
    Such is what we have become.

  5. Jfc was a good player but I’m with Garner on this. He looks slower and in need of too much time on the ball when in possession. Div 2 level. As an aside the demand for instant results is ridiculous. Get off Garners back and give him a chance. The return of Aneke and or a striker at Xmas could have a big impact. The chairman put money into a club close to going out of business. Supporters have short memories. Get behind the club…

  6. Proved again today how important it is that they play JFC, no creativity from midfield, awful football. The manager doesn’t seem to know which way to play. 18th in the league probably facing relegation. The squad is good enough to get in the play offs but the managers are tactics will send us to Division 2, Thomas must realise he has made recruitment mistake and sack Garner immediately.

    • William – We certainly agree on JFC, not playing him is mad. Not sure that I agree that the team is play off material. We don’t have a strike force and cant score goals which is why relegation is a real threat this year

  7. Bgb – good players do not generally become bad players until they get old and lose their pace. JFC is 28, sure he’s had a couple of bad injuries but players come back from those. Colin Walsh came back from 2 broken legs and was still great when he played again. You don’t lose ability.
    With the exception of Dobson, our midfield is pretty poor, I’m not particularly keen on Fraser who is slow and a bit lazy. When he is playing well ( and I accept it will take time to pick up the pace again ) he dominates and controls the midfield. If we were doing well, I could accept not playing him but we are generally hopeless and he is a very good player

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