Thomas needs to go now

I think Thomas rescued the club from the ESI crooks and has dumped more than £10m on trying to be successful. We can only thank him hugely for that. Unfortunately it has proved to be a catastrophic failure. I am sure he has been well meaning but he has made bad mistakes which have found him out. Not appointing a proper CEO, spending money on under performing players, e.g Ronnie Schwarz, DJ, Charlie Kirk, trying to prescribe a football philosophy without providing the manager with the players to play that way, not recruiting a striker in the summer when it was obvious to everyone that we needed one, appointing his son to the recruitment team, using his partner as the de facto CEO, over promising and under delivering. The academy is the only area of the club that is successful – incredibly our U18’s beat Liverpool 8-1 yesterday, so the news today that further cost cutting is about to hit the Academy staff is very depressing.

I have no idea how much money Thomas is able to devote to the Charlton project but the change from aiming for European football in 5 years to looking to break even in Division 3 is frankly ridiculous and completely unrealistic. With the current squad and lack of goals ( which are needed to win games!!) 4th division football in front of 5,000 level crowds next season is a likely outcome.

He needs to organise an ‘elegant exit’ for himself now. I know owning football clubs is a mission for mad people only and to make Charlton successful again will probably take £30-50m, assuming that Thomas cuts his losses now and walks away for nothing.

We are still a London club with a good tradition and a decent catchment area and fan base, maybe there is someone out there with deep enough pockets , but sadly its not Thomas

7 thoughts on “Thomas needs to go now

  1. I totally agree with everything you have said. The owner is clueless and whatever has is son got to do with effective running of the club . I have supported Charlton since 1946, my next but one neighbour was Eric Lancelot, but I am now totally uninspired. Sadly.

  2. Can’t agree more. I’ve supported since 66 and season ticket holder for most of my adult life. But unless I see some evidence of ambition, and not just talk, this is my last season ticket for a while. Roland’s tenure was disappointing, I was excited by the prospects of success under TS but the hype was just that, hype.

  3. Thanks to Librium Liz and Kamikasi’s recent conduct of the UK economy there should be no shortage of prospective American buyers in a position to take advantage of the favourable exchange rates !!!

  4. I also agree with your comments about the stewardship of the club. As someone who has supported the club since the late 50s I am particularly concerned with the future of the Academy. The standard of players in the Academy at this point in time is in my opinion is the best since I started watching the U18s in the mid 60s when friends of mine were playing. I fear we will lose the better players to more successful clubs when pro contracts are offered after their 17th birthdays. One of the best of the current group is well past his 17th birthday and has not been signed and has recently faded from view, I fear he will go in January.
    Many of the current players have been with the Academy for many years and joined when the club had higher status and I fear that younger players in the 8-12 year range will not be attracted to the club whilst we are mired in the lower half of Div1

  5. OK but who apart from 2nd hand car dealers, spivs cheat and various other charlatans would be remotely interested in tossing £30m down the drain?

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