Takeover the Academy ?

As it appears that Thomas has lost patience with funding an underperforming Division 3 football club which has now filtered through to significant cuts to the youth set up at the club with coaches leaving and not providing kit for the kids etc. Given that SE London is a hotbed of footballing talent, cutting in this area seems misguided ( at best ) or just stupid ( most likely)

How about this as an idea – a bit like horse racing syndicates – as fans we agree to provide some funding to the academy ( let’s say 20-30% of the annual costs) and in return when someone gets sold – think Mason Burstow and Miles Leaburn next, we get a 20-30 % share of the profit. We could have all sorts of level of contribution. We would be even more personally invested in supporting the youngsters and their careers. Maybe we would influence their contracts to the extent that the minimum number of games they play for the first team before they get sold – lets say 50- so that they can properly impact 1st team performance before they exit.

OR – If we could recruit some of the higher rollers – John Hayes are you still out there – maybe we could try and fund 100% , run it as a completely commercial venture and take responsibility for the whole academy and providing players to the first team and the overall football market generally. Maybe its a Peter Varney project ?

We might even make money out of it !! – I don’t actually think the current ownership would know how to run a British sweet shop so with the talent amongst the fans at our disposal, surely we could make a success of it.

6 thoughts on “Takeover the Academy ?

  1. Why would TS want to give any of it up?
    It is the only successful area of the club., hence he would want 100% of the player’s sale.

  2. Nice post Albury, I feel your frustration and the thought of our prize asset being underfunded and mistreated in this way is galling.

    The main problem for me with this idea is that the academy acts as a cushion for a the rest of the club, which is significantly and consistently loss-making. In a “good” year of player sales we might turn a £13m loss into £10m by selling the latest 18 year old family jewel.

    If a fan-led consortium owner of the academy started taking a cut from player sales then the club will be worse off financially (people already complain when proceeds from player sales aren’t re-invested in the first team).

    Of course, we do already have the Valley Gold scheme for those wanting to contribute financially to the academy. I’m not sure how much of the academy’s annual costs are covered by Valley Gold but I don’t think it’s a huge % and that’s with several thousand very loyal Addicks contributing £10 a month. It’s also entirely philanthropic – I’m sure people do it for the love of the club rather than the prospect of winning the jackpot or crossbar challenge.

    I think fundamentally we need an owner that is willing and able to accept the losses that we need to incur to get us out of the division. It cannot be done on a break-even basis. One can argue that this is a problem with the English football business – and you might be right – but sadly that’s the way it is. If TS isn’t willing to fund this club any more then he needs to cut his losses and sell. Unfortunately there will not be a long queue of keen (and legitimate) buyers. Plenty of chancers and spivs, which we’ve already learned the hard way….

  3. I do enjoy reading your grumpy ramblings and your love of Charlton does shine through, but I think it’s all a bit harsh on Thomas, he trusted the fans with the kirk purchase (1/2 million quid) and the Boyer resignation, got burnt with the Atkins appointment and the JJ saga where he really was forced to make him manager. All things that most of us were part of and now all we have left is to ridicule him for not wasting more money on fans ideas. We all agreed Stockley was a fantastic striker, but we need back up in case he gets injured? now it’s the formation the reason why he doesn’t score? imagine if we had sold him to Sheffield Wednesday “god forbid ” then we could really blame Thomas. Obviously, his early dreams were simply just that and now he has woken up I have an inkling that he is really trying to understand a way to make us successful with the added hope that very often especially in football success is stumbled upon. Positive spin we have only lost one more game than top of the table Plymouth. Does anyone know how much they have spent?

    Saying all that Andrew Barclay would do for me if Thomas really has had enough.

    • It’s certainly not easy is it ? However, I’m aware that Thomas hasn’t actually counselled any of the experienced CAFC team from the past which just seems silly.
      Taking advice from all over would have been sensible

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