Encouraging (at last)

We played really well last night and pretty well on Saturday too. All the pairings seemed to be working properly now, Egbo and Sessegnon, Inniss and O Connell, Fraser and Dobson and hurrah we started playing two up front with Leaburn and Stockley on Saturday and Kirk and Stockley last night.

We get the ball forward quicker, reduce the tippy tappy fannying around and we start scoring goals and winning matches. I like Ben Garner, he is articulate, sensible and appears to be a calming individual. The contrast with watching Klopp and Guardiola the other night, harrassing officials and winding the crowd up- frankly they should both be ashamed of themselves.

Nevertheless, I have been blogging about the need to play 2 up front and get the ball forward quicker for weeks, especially at The Valley. I think if Garner had twigged that earlier we would have had at least 6 more points.

Anyway, it was fun to watch and lets hope we can keep up the momentum now. Charlie Kirk has lovely delivery and his ball through for CBT’s goal was great, however, away from home at places like Shrewsbury , I’m not sure he is the guy to play alongside Jayden. That’s where Ben will need to earn his money.

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