Valley of Fun

I never leave football games early – well apart from that game at Brighton in the 70’s when we were 7-0 down with 20 minutes to go – a comeback seemed unlikely then.

Isn’t football just a fantastic game ? The 2nd half and added on time on Saturday entirely encapsulated what football is all about for both sets of supporters. Joy, despair, misery and elation depending on who you were supporting. Wonderful stuff.

Bringing Chuks and CBT on is like bringing on your specialists in American football. They are both pretty much unplayable. When defenders are tired and those two come on, the opposition look at them and panic immediately. I particularly liked Chuks half nelson throw on the centre half for our first goal.

Its such a shame that we didn’t keep Washington or at least replace him with another pacey striker to give Stockley some support. Kirk is clearly not the answer- probably to any question and Ladapo showed on Saturday what proper strikers can do.

Anyway, Zynex share price has risen by 30% in recent days giving it a market capitalisation of $400m which means that Sandgaard’s ‘paper’ worth is back to c $160m – Thomas can you dip into it and buy us a decent striker and another central defender and then at least the 2nd half of the season we could have a proper go at a play off position.

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