JFC – Why oh why oh why oh why ?

I have blogged about this before but someone at the club has to be HONEST and tell us why the best midfielder in the club is not playing in the first team. Anyone who watched the game tonight will tell you that he ran the game. Against a team of young, energetic, top quality Brighton youngsters, he lasted 90 minutes and dominated the midfield. His dead ball delivery from corners and free kicks is better than anyone else. His range of passing is better than anyone else. Jayden Stockley must watch him play and pray that he is allowed to come back to improve the service to the strikers. He is light years ahead of Morgan, Mcgrandles and Payne but doesnt even get on the bench. It’s just barmy.

Put simply, we would be in the Top 6 now if we had been playing him this season. It just seems ridiculous. The rumour is that there is a contractual issue which Garner has denied.

If that is true which seems doubtful, then Garner is a complete idiot for not playing him.

Garner doesn’t strike me as an idiot so what on earth is going on ??

6 thoughts on “JFC – Why oh why oh why oh why ?

  1. Much as I like JFC I think you are overstating his contribution last night. He made some good passes and assisted the goal, but is was playing at a slow pace and lost the ball needlessly a few times, including prior to their goal.

  2. I think Garner said he had “no idea” regarding JFC contract situation, which is of course complete boll^^^s as any manager surely knows his players deals.
    JFC is on £15k per 1st team appearance (on top of the largest contract at the club – allegedly.

  3. Have to totally agree…JFC dominated the game and I’m aware of his frustration at being left out of the teams….either Garner has a good reason or it may be tied to his contract.
    He proved last night his skills and quality play is needed in the Ist team.

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