Everything wrong with Charlton

It’s easy to go overboard after poor performances but this Charlton side is definitely amongst the worst I have ever seen in 55 years. They were clueless again today.

The fact that we lost to a goal from one aimless long ball to one of the smallest players on the pitch who outmuscled 3 of our defenders says it all. Port Vale were terrible and missing their top scorer and never really threatened our goal but still won because we were even worse.

Week after week we have loads of pointless possession. We are just slow, slow and slower. Garner’s tactics do not suit the limited talents of this team. For it to work, you need very creative midfielders and potentially forwards to break through the lines. Fraser, Kirk and Morgan are not capable of doing that. JFC probably is but for some reason he doesn’t get picked. Ironically, it might have worked for him at Swindon because he had Jonny Williams.

Stockley is slow and not playing well but he has to consistently play on his own against 3 centre halves whilst Kirk and Rak Saki are too far away from him to help. Meanwhile Inniss, Lavelle and Clare spend most of the game passing 5 yards between each other whilst we collectively hold our breath waiting for one of them to make a cock up.

The team is poor and the tactics are hopeless. We are in serious danger of being in a relegation battle.

13 thoughts on “Everything wrong with Charlton

  1. Iss shockin wass goin on dahn n away from our gaff. Like you say we aint got the right players for the way e wants to play the gam. Slidin dahn the table n to disaster I reckon on ere.

  2. Albury,
    Everything looks rather depressing with the manager stating he is,/was not giving the budget he wanted?, The future looks like poor attendances, low expectations and a definite financial squeeze,until I believe TS can offload our club.January will bring clarity,one way or another.

  3. Totally agree….very very poor and if the opposition go out to stop play we must show more tactical awareness to deal with this type of play….no good moaning about it Garner you need to neutralise the opposition by different tactics immediately
    We are looking so poor and I shudder what will happen…I have little hope January will see new players with skill appointed.

  4. Curiously enough Garner for all the fanfare about him at the beginning of the season has done slightly worse on points than Jackson is doing at AFC Wimbledon in League two ,( who had no choice in the team he inherited from Nigel Adkin). Makes you wonder why the complaints from Garner when he chose his team. Seems to me that it takes very little to fool the recruitment team. Does Charlton even know where their opponent’s goal is?

      • Do you think they would find them? Chris. Have the mascots stand behind the opposition goal jumping up and down shouting “Over here! Over here”

  5. Another rubbish performance against a side that will finish no higher than mid table (on todays showing that is quite likely to be well above us).
    We are suffering from an inexperienced manager who doesn’t have the tactical ability to out wit the opposition , a team that lacks firepower upfront due to dealing in the bargain basement of the last transfer window, (or rather not dealing at all !! ) possession tactics that go nowhere but back and across, and a defence that is at times woeful.
    At the moment the only way is down…….we are now only four points above the relegation zone.

  6. Yeah but Garner as to adpart ourn to ow other teams play, not blame the loss on their as e’s doio this evenin for ow they play, You ave to adapt your tactics on ere.

  7. BG’s criticism of Port Vale’s tatics is quite staggering. He is deluded. Whilst our midfield and defence are wasting God knows how much time passing backwards and sideways in our own half our opponents have ample time to arrange their defence and ensure there is no space left to deliver a ball forward. (if ever we decide to go forward!). We all know we are not blessed with the best crop of players but if i were playing in that team and trying to play to the managers instructions then I would certainly be disheartened.
    I refuse to believe that Jonny Jackson would have done worse than this.
    But hey…TS has brought in the guy to implement the tatics that TS wanted. Result :
    Incredibly negative football (if you can call it football), disallusioned fans, empty Valley, complete depression !!

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