No investment, no strikers, no points

It’s not complicated is it. I couldn’t go last night but I WhatsAppd my Charlton mates before the game that we couldn’t possibly win with that line up.

We all know that the failure to get another decent striker in the Summer or put another way, the stupidity of letting Davison and particularly Washington go without replacements was a recipe for disaster.

Personally, I don’t like the style of play either. We are a 3rd division team with 3rd division players. We should be getting the ball into the opposition box as quickly and often as possible and hope something happens. We are trying to play like Man City or England but without the talent on the pitch.

The owner needs to invest in some talented footballers in the January window – not League 2 free transfers or 18 year old premier league loanees but proper relatively experienced players.

If he cant or wont he needs to step aside quickly IF there is anyone out there with an ambitious plan and the funds to support it.

Otherwise we are going to be in a very grim battle to avoid relegation to the 4th division for the first time in our 115 year history.

7 thoughts on “No investment, no strikers, no points

  1. Football is a luxury not a necessity to fans to most people times are hard and judging by how the gates have been recently the cost of living crisis is beginning to bite coupled with how the club is being run and results I fear for our club we need changes now both ownership and managerial !

  2. Morning AA,
    I was there sadly last night. My son said to me that Ben Garner has set us up to deliberately fail in front of TS proving he’s desperate for strikers. I replied don’t be ridiculous.
    We have one available striker and he leaves him on the bench until most of the match has passed playing at home against Cheltenham, why? We are not playing again until
    our FA Cup replay on Wednesday night.
    Can anyone fathom the shape we were meant to be playing last night? We were all over the shop. Sessegnon glued to the left hand touch line deep in our own half. We are a tough watch this season with mistakes plentiful. A struggling team and sleepwalking towards league two. Poor recruitment laid at TS’s door but our style of play rests with Ben Garner and I’m not a fan. He seems unable to do much managing during the game, simply watching on from the touch line. Roll on January? Roll on something……….

  3. Shockin it was shockin but I see it different on ere, Ourn need to get wins n grind ahrt results, Thass wot a good L 1 side does, not passin it abahrt with no end result. Go route 1 if it elps, iss all abahrt wins n grins, If we aint doin it, then the gaffer muss go cos it aint workin for Garner on ere,. If ourn end up in the rellies like ourn done under Atkins then the owner as is decision made for I’m n thass all there is to it on ere.

  4. All true, of course. But I fear that the die is already cast.
    We cannot expect the owner to invest any more in January than he did in the Summer.
    He has lost interest and any ambition that he had for the Charlton project.
    As for potential suitors? Why would anyone see the Club, with precious few assets and it’s home vested in yet another hostile previous owner, as a viable proposition?
    The very existence of Charlton Athletic is again in the balance

  5. I was at the game and we had 80% possession and I lost count of the number of shots and headers to score…..we had no striker and players to finish if all the chances.
    A big big big error cost us the game and once again we drop points….I fear a struggle to make progress and TS needs to adress this as its not all down to Garner.

  6. The manager needs to go, we are all fed up with ineffectual football and the same old drivel after the match. Although I appreciate we have a small squad, the players we have should be good enough to compete for play off places, why isn’t he playing Jake Forster Caskey who is by far the most creative midfield player we have? If we do not part with Ben Garner shortly we are likely to be involved in a relegation struggle. I accept the owner in suddenly talking about breaking even and being inconspicuous doesn’t help but the buck has to stop with the manager who is responsible for the style of play and team selection.

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