Huge player investment required at Charlton

For the first time in the last 100 years Charlton will be playing a 4th consecutive season in the 3rd division.
That assumes we will scrape enough points to avoid the drop

For a London club of our size that is a disaster. The current owner has proved to be hopelessly inept and unable to invest properly in the team.
The team is clearly 2nd rate and does not look capable of competing with the teams at the top of this division. A positive result against Sheff Weds is highly unlikely.
In order to challenge next season a huge investment in playing talent will be required. With the exception of Dobson and potentially Leaburn there isn’t a single midfield or forward player who is good enough. A big clear out.will be needed in the summer and Thomas’s normal ragbag of free transfers, lower league wannabes and loan players won’t get us promoted.

The Academy is great and can be relied upon to add one or two decent first team ready prospects every year, like Ness and Leaburn but more than that is wishful thinking.

Sandgaard hasn’t got the funds to get us promoted so where is the investment going to come from ?

Charlton appoint Senior Citizen as CEO

Don’t get me wrong- I’m still working at 65 so it would be a bit hypocritical for me to criticise the appointment of septuagenarian Peter Storrie to the post of CEO but it’s not really building for the future is it ?
I guess it’s possible that Peter could be the Warren Buffett of football but given Thomas ‘ short term contract’ Sandgaard’s track record of managerial appointments he’s more likely to be Warren Buffoon although looking at his photo side on maybe Buffet is a good name for him.
The team continue to play mostly badly but are getting results so well done to Dean Holden.
Thomas Sandgaard has proved himself to be a clueless idiot when it comes to football but maybe he got lucky with Holden. The ownership circus continues with dodgy Charlie Methven out of the picture to be replaced by some new American ‘ investors’ who’ve offered Thomas more money than Methven

Meantime we have to put up with fixtures like Fleetwood and Forest Green Rovers ( whooooo?)

Thomas please give us all a break and bugger off and sell us to an owner with money and common sense and do it quickly

Andy Scott talking nonsense

Andy Scott seems like a knowledgeable, articulate nice guy but in this interview he talks a fair bit of nonsense.

So we got rid of lots of fringe players who weren’t playing or good enough – no argument with that, its sensible.

Apparently, we “improved”the squad with Bonne ( maybe) Penney ( not on the basis of his debut), Todd Kane ( injured on debut), Michael Hector ( 8 games played in the last 2.5 years) and Gavin Kilkenny ( 18 games in the last 2 seasons). If Kilkenny or Hector are fit enough to play, then maybe they will be an improvement.

But basically, we spent no money, reduced the wage bill significantly and probably haven’t improved the team.

If Ness, Inniss, Leaburn or Bonne get injured in the 2nd half of the season, there is no cover now and we will be in big trouble.

We limp along from one crap owner to the next with potentially yet another waiting in the wings. The team will need very heavy invesment in the summer and history suggests it won’t happen and we will remain disappointed and marooned in Div 3 or worse ……….. HELP !!!

Charlton won’t cost cut their way to success

On the positive side, I don’t think any of the players that left yesterday would be players who could get us promoted out of this division. I include O’Connell in that who we acquired from a relegated Rochdale and is a bit slow and not dominant in the air.

The obvious problem is that firstly we have to accumulate enough points to actually stay in this division, which has just become more challenging, given that any injury now to Inniss or Ness, Leaburn or Bonne will be catastrophic.

Over the years I have run bigger businesses than Sandgaard and maybe someone needs to tell him or indeed whoever he is trying to clear the decks to sell to that you don’t cost cut your way to success.

If this is genuinely a clear out and prelude to a summer of player and club investment ( The Valley is generally falling apart), then they need to tell us that, although Sandgaard has told us so many lies it will be difficult to believe anything he says.

Andy Scott for one should be hanging his head in embarrassment this morning having claimed that he had money to spend in the window and we spent nothing. I like Dean Holden, he has stopped the tippy tappy nonsense of Garner and plays 2 up front, but I hope he doesn’t come out and feel like he has to lie to us today to truly join the Charlton management team.