Charlton won’t cost cut their way to success

On the positive side, I don’t think any of the players that left yesterday would be players who could get us promoted out of this division. I include O’Connell in that who we acquired from a relegated Rochdale and is a bit slow and not dominant in the air.

The obvious problem is that firstly we have to accumulate enough points to actually stay in this division, which has just become more challenging, given that any injury now to Inniss or Ness, Leaburn or Bonne will be catastrophic.

Over the years I have run bigger businesses than Sandgaard and maybe someone needs to tell him or indeed whoever he is trying to clear the decks to sell to that you don’t cost cut your way to success.

If this is genuinely a clear out and prelude to a summer of player and club investment ( The Valley is generally falling apart), then they need to tell us that, although Sandgaard has told us so many lies it will be difficult to believe anything he says.

Andy Scott for one should be hanging his head in embarrassment this morning having claimed that he had money to spend in the window and we spent nothing. I like Dean Holden, he has stopped the tippy tappy nonsense of Garner and plays 2 up front, but I hope he doesn’t come out and feel like he has to lie to us today to truly join the Charlton management team.

11 thoughts on “Charlton won’t cost cut their way to success

  1. Is there, though, much value in the football club itself, without the assets? Cost-cutting, in terms of lower wage bills is going to make the club financially more attractive. If the Stockley sale has been used to reduce debts, the same applies.

  2. Clive, if the under investment in the team continues it becomes a vicious spiral of cost cutting and lower revenues. Noone is suggesting that there is any way of making money out of a football club, other than getting into the Premier League and/or selling it to the next mug. From a fan’s perspective there isnt much point in going if there is no ambition

  3. Regret to say that openness and transparency are presently lacking in quite a few areas of society generally. Football is no exception. As far as I’m concerned Dean Holden IS part of the management team (who ever they might be ? ) . There appears to be an air omertà about all of them. As to whether Bonne will be a better asset than Stockley we “shall have to wait and see .” I have my doubts !
    As long as Roland owns the freehold of the Valley and Sparrows Lane he will always be the “ organ grinder.” The monkeys will have to dance to his tune.

  4. I like Dean n all. But why was Sam moved on. E scored the winnin pen against Brighton n is one of a2c’s best players on ere. Ere are, at this rate will all be dahn our gaff this summer washtin them seats juss like we used to uears back in L 1. Shockin juss shcokin on ere.

    • Generally with lease arrangements, a transfer of the rent obligations goes with the lease assignment but it would be subject to the landlord’s ( Duchatelet) approval. If the landlord doesn’t feel like the new people are a good finanacial risk, the landlord can refuse or be difficult.

      • Thankyou,
        To our detriment Thomas is rather snookered as i have thought for a while that Duchatelet has very little incentive to reassign the lease unless someone like a new Thomas comes along and agrees to either increase the rent (with substantial financial back up) or of course buys the freehold (unlikely at the price quoted). This must be why he was looking to keep a % of the shares as its not going to be easy for him to get out of this rent commitment unless he sells to someone who will buy the freehold ?

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