Andy Scott talking nonsense

Andy Scott seems like a knowledgeable, articulate nice guy but in this interview he talks a fair bit of nonsense.

So we got rid of lots of fringe players who weren’t playing or good enough – no argument with that, its sensible.

Apparently, we “improved”the squad with Bonne ( maybe) Penney ( not on the basis of his debut), Todd Kane ( injured on debut), Michael Hector ( 8 games played in the last 2.5 years) and Gavin Kilkenny ( 18 games in the last 2 seasons). If Kilkenny or Hector are fit enough to play, then maybe they will be an improvement.

But basically, we spent no money, reduced the wage bill significantly and probably haven’t improved the team.

If Ness, Inniss, Leaburn or Bonne get injured in the 2nd half of the season, there is no cover now and we will be in big trouble.

We limp along from one crap owner to the next with potentially yet another waiting in the wings. The team will need very heavy invesment in the summer and history suggests it won’t happen and we will remain disappointed and marooned in Div 3 or worse ……….. HELP !!!

15 thoughts on “Andy Scott talking nonsense

  1. 100%agree with you…what a load of porkies. And now we learn, which he didn’t say at the start that he is now on a rolling contract. He also conveniently forgot that he also stated there would be money available to him….NOT. My concern frankly is whether us staying at the Valley is on the table….Cost cutting can go in many directions and if you don’t have control of your stadium, a new owner might decide to go elsewhere..

  2. Absolutely agree with you. Seems very likely to me that when players are brought on the window deadline date that they are not of “improving” quality i.e. missing most of this season without game time, prone to early injury, even beyond their best years etc. Lets hope that these new players prove me wrong but I see Charlton finishing this season about where they are now 15th. That likely means a new manager and almost a brand new team of players next season that meets the budget but not the hopes and expectations of the fans.

  3. Sorry but you are talking nonsense.
    Those players we brought in are good players .. disagree about Penney, he did ok against a good side, tough debut game. Kane was unlucky to be injured.
    Kilkenny and Hector are good players , admittedly not 100% match fit , but give them a chance before judging.
    Bonne will be ok .. more mobile than stockley.

    Yes ownership needs to be sorted 100% .
    It’s not perfect.. but hopefully these things will get sorted.
    It could be worse.. look at Everton ! 😀

  4. On the basis of what Scott said shortly after arriving (eg money to spend in the transfer window) l don’t think his position is tenable. He is nothing more than the latest in a line of TS’ stooges. If we are on the same merry-go-round for the third time then l think fans should boycott season tickets. People like TS and Methven only understand ££££. We are being treated with contempt – again!

  5. Will the last fan leaving the Valley please turn off the floodlights, cancel the milk and papers and put the cat out…..thank you !!!

  6. Agree,
    I believe TS can’t find a buyer,his way out is just walk away.the true value of the club including the Valley/training ground is circa 25mill. However with RD wanting 50mill/team 10mill. No prospective buyer will move. Hence TS transfer window shenanigans. On the subject of redevelopment I do not believe planning would be given for either the Valley or training ground. Seems like up a creek without a paddle.

  7. and now Thomas has Dean Holden coming out and towing the party line, so so so disappointed that Dean agreed to issue that statement.

  8. I know this has been raised before but it would make a fan impact if loyal fans suffer for one day to boycott a selected home game….it will not be popular but fans are being ignored and treated so poorly….complete disconnect with owners.
    Most fans seem to accept things and putting their heads in the sand.
    Maybe a one game boycott will affect income but most of all will let management and owners that we are no longer going to accept our very poor treatment.

    • Chris
      I think this would have to be something that CAST took on and recommended. I’d be tempted to agree with you but I guess we need to see what plays out on the ownership front in the next few weeks.

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