Charlton appoint Senior Citizen as CEO

Don’t get me wrong- I’m still working at 65 so it would be a bit hypocritical for me to criticise the appointment of septuagenarian Peter Storrie to the post of CEO but it’s not really building for the future is it ?
I guess it’s possible that Peter could be the Warren Buffett of football but given Thomas ‘ short term contract’ Sandgaard’s track record of managerial appointments he’s more likely to be Warren Buffoon although looking at his photo side on maybe Buffet is a good name for him.
The team continue to play mostly badly but are getting results so well done to Dean Holden.
Thomas Sandgaard has proved himself to be a clueless idiot when it comes to football but maybe he got lucky with Holden. The ownership circus continues with dodgy Charlie Methven out of the picture to be replaced by some new American ‘ investors’ who’ve offered Thomas more money than Methven

Meantime we have to put up with fixtures like Fleetwood and Forest Green Rovers ( whooooo?)

Thomas please give us all a break and bugger off and sell us to an owner with money and common sense and do it quickly

2 thoughts on “Charlton appoint Senior Citizen as CEO

  1. Storries track record at all his past clubs is extremely bad and how can his appointment give fans and Holden any confidence ?
    Lots of West Ham and Portsmouth fans have made it clear that Storrie has nothing to offer us except more misery !!!
    TS is so desperate to off-load our club and we once again find the club in turmoil, as poor after poor management appointments have and are being made.
    What have we as fans done to deserve this ?

  2. I aint a fan of Saandgard meself but would prefer im to some of them other names I keep earin abahrt least we aint got the esi lot no more. Bring KR back. Ere are wass wrong with bein 70. Vince Cable was 76 when e was Lib Dem leader n done a good job the party was goin up in the polls n aint been the same since on ere.

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