Dear Thomas ………………………….

Please can you let us know what is going on with our beloved football club ? I am sure most of us appreciate that you rescued the club from Matt Southall and the other ESI crooks and we know that you tried hard at the start to invest in the team and communicate with the fan base.

Football in the UK is a bottomless money pit and none of the economics below the Premiership work for anyone. UK football is also very tribal and I have no doubt that you will be fed up with some of the abuse you have received- although I can assure you that Charlton fans are at the lowest end of the nasty league.

It is entirely understandable if you are looking for investors to share the financial burden or to exit completely. All of us make investments from time to time that lose money or don’t turn out as hoped- that’s life !

The club forms an important part of our lives and for many of us over several decades, its 55 years for me since I saw my first game. Admittedly, its been a tough watch for a lot of the time , particularly the last 15 years as we’ve slipped behind other London teams like Fulham, Watford, Palace , Brentford and even Millwall all of whom, we had historically viewed as direct competitors or smaller.

Anyway, what’s my question ? ……………….

Can you please show us the respect of a direct communication to tell us what is going on at the football club and your plans for ownership because the current decline without meaningful hope is heartbreaking