About Me

I lived in South East London for my first c 20 years , which established my football allegiance . Albury in Surrey is my home now. My work is as a non exec director for a variety of education , training , recruitment & welfare to work businesses.

From what I remember , my first game was v Huddersfield in about 1965 and we won 4-2 . Ive been afflicted , addickted ever since . In terms of highlights , singing My Way on top of a table in the  Carlisle Best Western Hotel restaurant after promotion in 1986 was memorable for all concerned and not in a good way.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Albury always read your blogs with great interest,I got hooked in 61 think it was Lincoln City 2-0, I used to stand down the front on the east bank with my “rattle”. I think my best moment,simply because other than winning The Kent Cup,I had never seen Charlton achieve anything ,was winning promotion back to the second division on the mid seventies.Those were the days

    • Tom
      Thanks for the interest and nice comments . I’ve been there since 66, so not quite as long as you , but never has it been quite such a shambles as now . Lets hope its the long dark night before the dawn !!

  2. Hi Albury still follow your blogs, been a bit lively on the CAFC front lately, thought I was past getting wound up, not the case, but at least at 5pm a kind of peace will decend just got to get through until then, until it all starts again in January, think Lyle is playing a smart game, he has no need to dive into a new deal right now, (assuming he is still with us at 1700 hrs) he has a great chance to raise his “stock” by Christmas, at his age the next deal he signs is crucial to him and his family, but at the end of the day it will be all down to old moneybags the “light bulb salesman”, have to say in the light of events of the last 24hours possibly Lee’s budget might not have been as tiny as suggested or did the unthinkable happen and he was allowed funds, really? oh well time will tell, I compared him to Henry the Seventh the other day, maybe it hit a nerve.

    • Tom thanks very much for reading and your comments which are greatly appreciated- it looks like we had a very good window indeed – blog to follow – maybe Roland decided to have a bit of a go after all !

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