The Road to Aldershot – Part 2

Since I normally play tennis on Sat mornings , it was convenient for me to pass my tickets for the Millwall game to my son. Thats not to say that I didn’t do that in full knowledge that it would be a wasted day out anyway – but he’s only young- what would he know. My lifetime of support has led me to the unerring conclusion that if we were riding high at the top of the Premiership and Millwall were floundering in the Blue Sq South , a chance meeting in the Cup at the newly renovated 65,000 seater Valley stadium would result in a comfortable victory for the plucky minnows from New Cross. Yesterdays Racing Post confirmed my recollection of history , Millwall have suffered only 2 defeats at the Valley in our last 14 encounters .
So instead I pottered along to Aldershot for a far more convenient 3pm ko against Wombledon. It was a shocking game played by 2 awful teams , as a CAFC fan , it was interesting to see Harry Pell in midfield ( lanky cultured a bit Dick Tydemanesque) and John Sullivan in goal for Wimbledon . Sullivan played well , a couple of really good saves . He certainly talks a lot , he never stopped shouting at his defenders . Most interesting abuse of the day came from the Aldershot old boy in front of me who bellowed ‘Sullivan , you couldn’t save a fu…ing stamp ‘ — heavens , the youngsters of today they wouldn’t even remember those sorts of savings schemes .

Anyway, back to Charlton , now he took my advice and we are playing 2 up front , what else to do ?? The problem all season has been the lack of strength and creativity in central midfield. We needed to spend some money and the new owners couldn’t afford it. Getting in young relatively inexperienced loanees from the Premiership ( Raziak, Frimpong and Obika ) has been a complete waste of time . You need proper battle hardened professionals.

If we manage to stay up which is definitely going to be touch & go , the close season is going to be interesting. Last Year , rumour has it that TJ had to find some money at the last minute to keep us going and fund the summer £5m gap.
I wonder if we will wake up one day in May or June and find that TJ , Slater and Kevin Cash have all given up and walked away . If so , I think if I was Richard Murray , I’d go ex directory and turn off my mobile for a couple of months .

Lets hope not otherwise I might be watching a regular encounter between the Shots and Charlton in a year or two’s time.

I woke up and we were Stoke

Did I miss something , but we seem to have steadily become a ( rather sub standard) imitation of Stoke . Kermit is my favourite player , but ever since his arrival we really ditched playing pretty football for the long ball .

That was OK last year because he is brilliant and it worked , but last night —- oh dear — oh dear . We are stuck in long ball hell , a succession of crosses , free kicks and long throw ons into the box . The last 20 mins or so against Blackburn was the same. I even think we put too many men in the box . Last night , BWP’s goalbound shot looked to me to have been blocked by yet another one of our forwards in the box. Only in the last 5 mins did anyone ( ironically ex Stoke man , Fuller) realise that someone had to come out of the box to make space , a different angle to try and drag some of their defenders out too .

Watford were quite comprehensively the poorest team we have seen at the Valley this season . The guy that got sent off was their best player , the rest of them seemed incapable of passing the ball 5 yards without losing it or falling over in feigned agony. The problem is not that we lost , but that we lost to them and I confidently predict that they will be in the relegation mix all season.

After we beat Leicester , I said they were brilliant and would get promoted , so hopefully I am even handed !

My worry is that I’m not sure where the creativity will come from . I don’t recall in my lifetime that we have ever got a good result at Blackpool and have frequently let in three to five goals , so don’t hold your breath for Saturday

Valley of Smirth

When you get a bit disillushioned with footie , particularly with the saturation coverage and prima donnas of the Premiership , cast your mind back to Saturday May 5th at the Valley. How many people would get up at 6am , dress up as a belgian comic character , apply heavy blue make up , spend a combined total of 9 hours on the National Rail network to watch a team with nothing to play for in the 3rd tier of English football .

This lot would.


by the way, who won the FA Cup final , on second thoughts …………………………………………………………………………..who cares