Keith Palmer Tribute – Get to the Valley on April 4th

Whether you are still going every week to Charlton or whether you are part of the huge majority of disaffected or absentee fans, forget your antipathy to the useless ownership and our relentless decline and get your arse down to Charlton on Tuesday April 4th.

Keith Palmer was a true public servant who gave his life for all of us.His attacker was yet another of those useless inadequate, talentless, brainless  tossers whose only contribution to the world is completely pointless misery.

Get down the Valley on April 4th , get all of your friends and give everything for Keith – he was a Charlton fan – part of us – our family – our tribe.

He gave everything for us and we need to give everything for his memory.

Newsflash : Charlton fan doesn’t punch eagle

Am I the only person who thinks that this trial is absolutely ridiculous and a complete waste of public money- the bloke didn’t hit the bird which was completely unharmed. If anything, the idiot in charge of the mascot should be jailed for parading in front of the Charlton fans to incite a riot.

What next ? Palace fan tried to throttle seagull – but didn’t, – Leicester fan lashed out at Magpie but missed. Scunthorpe fan torments a tiger but gets ignored.

Everyone , probably Charlton and Palace wanted to lump Pardew , but no one did.




Clueless Tactics from Charlton

So we are playing the mighty Walsall at home in the 3rd division, time to assume they are Barcelona, let’s play one bloke up front who can’t really head and play wingers and full backs all over the pitch who cross the ball in and watch it sail over his head or get headed back by the Walsall centre halves.

When eventually someone on the coaching staff points out to the boss that it really is Walsall in the 3rd division and not Barcelona and why don’t we try 2 blokes up front including one who can head , lo and behold, we finally create some pressure and score a goal.

The minute the team sheet was announced any fan with half a brain knew that it wouldn’t work, but apparently our manager thought otherwise. The one consistent thing about Robinsons team selection and tactics is that they are inconsistent.

How many fullbacks do you need in the team ? Page, Chicksen and Byrne all playing , at least one of them surplus to requirements.

Another shockingly awful performance in a season full of them.

I was talking to my mate today who goes pretty much every week and we both agreed ( it’s now March) that at The Valley we had only seen ONE decent performance ALL SEASON which was the win over Bristol Rovers – at this lowest level of the league for us,  it’s almost unbelievable

Continuing the shambles at Charlton

In 50 years of supporting Charlton including the Selhurst and Upton Park years I can’t remember ever choosing to miss a home game that I could have gone to until tonight.

As we all know the Club is a complete shambles from the geriatric owner and his incompetent sidekick down to the players who frankly play like they couldn’t care less.

Running any kind of organisation is all about leadership and the club has none at all at any level , not in the boardroom , not in the running of the club or on the pitch.

All we have is a disinterested owner, a CEO without a shred of integrity or honour and a set of players who are completely bereft the minute they get on the pitch.

The forwards never score a goal, with the exception of Holmes, the midfielders don’t create chances and the 2 continental centre halves don’t really like heading the ball. It’s not exactly a recipe for footballing success is it ?

Good luck In Belgium

I feel somewhat ashamed that I’m not in Belgium with the fans this weekend and I have just stuck £100 in the fund to salve my guilt at not being able to make it. Hopefully that buys a drink or two or subsidises someone’s trip.

I wish you all the very best and if it has just the slightest impact on pushing our idiot owner and his incomparably incompetent sidekick closer to the exit door then it will have been worth it .

Obviously as a Charlton supporter, I also wish those who chose to go to Northampton a great day out and will be praying for a good result to break the terrible run.

“They’re not bad people

– they’re just not playing well ”

Thank god that Karl has cleared that one up for us in his post match thoughts today. I was worried that we’d got a really bad bunch of criminals, thieves, fraudsters and worse playing for us.

I guess Karl has hit on a rich seam of truth that is running all the way through the club at the moment.

Take Katrien, the CEO for example , she’s not a bad person , she just no good at her job and then there’s Roland, our owner , he’s not a bad person either , he’s just no good as an owner.

So to summarise for us fans there are no what you would call “bad” people at the club , they are just all of them completely useless at their respective jobs.

Its certainly taken a weight of my mind , hopefully it has for you too.



Two Good Players in every position

It is tempting to speculate that what our Karl is really suggesting is that 22 players on the pitch at the same time is our best chance of winning a match.

However, what he is actually talking about is his strategy to turn the club around next season. Apparently in common with every other transfer window since the idiot Belgians arrived we are working hard to identify the new players who will bring success next season.  Well Karl (assuming you are still here which has got to be highly questionable) we can tell you from bitter experience that it never happens. All of your predecessors said the same thing and got short changed. The promised players never quite arrive for a whole variety of reasons – one suspects that trying to do two things at once is also a key inhibitor for clueless Katrien.

We always run out of time or money or both and are left woefully short of playing talent – this season’s starting midfield tells you all you need to know about the club’s preparedness and ability to acquire the right players.

Also, if you are a half decent footballer why on earth would you choose to come to Charlton , a club in free fall , at war with its own supporters and with a massively declining supporter base ?

I am not in favour of changing managers yet again – that has been a principal weakness of our geriatric owner but there will be no improvement or relief for supporters until we get new ownership, a new CEO and a new Board of Directors.

To quote the wisdom of Peggy Mitchell ” Get outta my club”