Powell’s Potential

It strikes me that we have an excellent manager who has the capability to motivate players and organise the team . We really aren’t that faraway from having a promotion chasing team – which was also the case last year . The division is poor again and anyone can beat anyone else . If we are mid table come Xmas , an investment of £2m to 3m could easily see us in the play offs .

We will never know what the Jiminez plan was that convinced Mr Cash to invest – presumably its a property development play on the Valley with a council supported move to the Greenwich Peninsula . You really wonder what due diligence he did on the costs of owning a Football Club .  There are rumours that an investment memorandum looking for buyers is circling the city again.

I know its more money and its easy for me to say because it isn’t mine , but how about changing the tack slightly and backing the manager with a little bit more investment in  players because we have the right guy – he’s a real shrewdie and they don’t come along too often – oh and by  the way , a season in the Prem could be worth £100m or so .

That’s not such a bad bet, Mr Cash , given that you are already a definite gambling man !

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