Riga v Powell

Riga now has had 14 games , 5 wins , 3 draws , 6 defeats , Goals for 10, goals against 19 – goal difference – 9
Powell ( previous 14 games ) , 5 wins , 3 draws and 6 defeats , goals for 15 , goals against 22 . goal difference -7

Frankly all this stuff about tactics , continental style football is cobblers .
Changing the manager has made no difference whatsoever , except that occasionally he doesn’t have the history to help him decide what to do ie , noone else in the ground today except Marvin Sordell and Riga thought he was a better candidate to take the penalty than the Skipper.
Meanwhile our erstwhile best player continues to knock them in for a 4th division club who have a sensible and supportive owner . Lets hope he remembers we love him and continues the scoring against Millwall next Saturday.

We can only hope that Roland leaves as soon as he arrived and we get a proper owner.

9 thoughts on “Riga v Powell

  1. For gawd sakes move on Albury, things have changed stop reminiscing in the past, it’s a vital match come Tuesday support what we have.

    • Dorset
      Thanks for the comment
      My point was not about how good the past was – just that the changes had not improved the results. I’m sure we could have all accepted the loss of Kermit if the new regime had replaced him with someone as good . I shall be there on Tuesday and Saturday urging the team on as I always do .
      The players have continued to try their hardest for the club all season whoever the manager was . The biggest disappointment is that at a point when we desperately needed new investment impetus , the new owner’s interventions have been more negative than positive . It is not unreasonable for us to have hoped for more financial support – in the same way that the Bournemouth owner has supported his manager.
      We can only hope that we manage to stay up and that the owner changes his philosophy for next season ( or leaves) , otherwise om a similar budget under the feeder club model, next year will have a similar outcome.

  2. I can appreciate the cumudgeonly half glass empty view of Roland. The close season business and way of doing business will tell us everything. Are Charlton a League One / lower championship team or a team thats going places other than Rochdale at home. Will Charlton now be completely outclassed against the better funded teams in the division (as yesterday) (if in the Championship) for next seasons campaign on a regular basis similar to being in the Premiership ?

    Handling of player sales, emergency loan negotiations done in putblic, lack of quality of the players brought in have not been impressive so far.

    If ‘moving on’ means accepting a a drop in Charlton’s status to a league one team with occassional promotion into the championship then I am not ready to move on.


  3. What a load of crap…..whats Powell win ration for the whole season now compare that to Jose…lets not forget Jose has had a tough run of games as well every game has had something on it for both teams, pressure games Powell did not have these at the start of the season and still could not win games even with Stephens and Yann.(lets not forget the great Yann turned down an offer of over 10k a week that’s how much he wanted to stay)
    How many of us looking at the games Jose had would have said we would win 5 games, he done fantastic…….RD the money he is pumping into the youth system, the training ground and now the new pitch shows he means business.

    • Jose Riga’s 14 matches have yielded a slight increase in points per match-Chris Powell averaged 0.9 over 30 league matches and Riga 1.3 in 14. Defensively the respective records are identical at 1.3 goals conceded per match and Riga’s teams have outscored Powell’s by 0.5 goals per match – 0.8 as opposed to 1.3.
      On this basis I think Albury Addick’s basic point that changing the manager has made no significant difference to results is plainly correct and accords with what studies have shown to be the case with clubs that have made managerial changes in similar circumstances to CAFC. and explains why we are still in a perilous position with two matches left to play.
      I think Riga and the players deserve a lot of credit for their effort and application. The struggle for survival is what most fans have been concerned about all season. We looked to the new owner to start his meaningful ‘business’ with CAFC by strengthening the squad but precisely the opposite happened so I’m at a loss as to how anyone can say that “he means business” when he failed in such a crucial area. I’m obviously not blaming RD for the pitch fiasco but frankly he has no option but to sort that out so I’m not giving him any credit for addressing such a fundamental as providing a respectable playing surface.

  4. Well I hear that £750k is being spent on the pitch and the same on the stadium. We dont need the latter for League 1 by any means- just look at some of the places we play now and will be visiting next year if we stay up! That must say something about RD strategy and again why upgrade a stadium for people to watch foreign league outcasts or good players being shipped abroad to Belgium?
    Stats are fine but the fact is we all know we have not been strong enough or deep enough all season. Yes we hoped the new man would invest this season in the team. He has not- there will be a mass clear out whatever league we are in next season so maybe thats the telling time. If we survive this year I dont want us to be in the same position next year, I would rather we end up like Burnley- relegation favourites and getting automatic promotion!!!
    Sorry Albury- I cant agree as such and as for Yann- great man but we were hardly prolific with him. We just need to find that special scorer that all clubs crave. They come along every now and then- lets hope it our turn!!

  5. Sussexmick
    Thanks for the comment. Not sure if anyone has any definitive costs for how much the pitch work will cost . Somewhere else I read that the previous regime could have sorted out the drainage for another £10k , so I’m not quite sure where the £750k figure for the pitch comes from , although I have seen it elsewhere. In reality, any owner would have to sort it out otherwise they have no product at all.
    As for work in the ground of the same £ magnitude , that is both welcome and well overdue , although again I haven’t seen any other info that confirms that expenditure .
    If the club are really going to be spending such a lot of money and Katrien is as clever as she is supposed to be , it would probably be a good idea if they told us all officially !!

  6. Albury hope you are now a content chappy, survival ensured, any comparison pointless I might add, for me I reckon 2014-15 could be a rip roarer of a season.

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