Carl Jenkinson and whats wrong with English football

Its difficult to be certain about how good Carl Jenkinson is because at 22 years old and after 4 seasons between Charlton and Arsenal , he has only played 45 matches.
I am not blaming Carl or Diego or Jonjo because it is a short career and they would be bonkers not to move for significantly bigger salaries . However , moving to bigger clubs too early doesn’t help to develop these players , does it ?
There is surely an argument that with c 100 games under their belts at Championship or even League 1 level , these players would subsequently be better equipped to be successful in the Premier League. I know Jonjo has never been the quickest , but his dead ball delivery, long ball passing range and goal scoring talents would have been really useful when you look at the pedestrian and creative-less midfield that England showed in the World Cup. There is a real danger that he will never reach his full potential and I’m sure that goes for Jenkinson too . I hope it doesn’t apply to Poyet .
To my mind, the FA should ban the movement of English players under the age of 21 to allow them to develop by playing 1st team football .

12 thoughts on “Carl Jenkinson and whats wrong with English football

  1. Couldn’t agree more, I genuinely think that in the season he moved to Chelsea, Parker was on a par with Lampard & Gerard, but he was never going to dislodge Lampard as the established player, so he wasted a year and a half of his development.
    I’d like to hope Diego chose West Ham over some of the bigger, reported suitors, in order to get first team football, and I hope he gets it, he’s too big a talent to be wasted.
    Rather than a B League we should be looking at ways of making the top teams play their young English talent.

  2. agree. ironic that arsenal’s greatest defence was composed of players who built their early career and gained experience initially in the lower leagues: Dixon, Bould, Winterburn and Seaman (not Adams, of course). such is the short-term nature of football now that noone at one of the major clubs will give players from lower league clubs a chance.

  3. The only way to stop the wasted talent sitting on the bench or playing for reserve sides of the big clubs is pay players for playing. Should be a weekly wage cap for all players and big bonus for playing, then we might see an even distribution of players over the leagues, but its got to be world wide, possibly link to tv money,

  4. I would like to see a mandatory fee to the “selling” club equal to the wages paid to the young player above a reasonable limit of say £1k a week. Payable weekly. Like a form of tax. That would be some small compensation for the loss of a starlet and would also be ant-inflationary as regards player wages – a big part of England’s problem is that ok young players think they are the dog’s because someone is willing to pay them more in a week than their mates can earn in a year. so it’s tempting for them to sit back and believe the hype.

    What happened to Jenks? Is he still with Arse this season? I still reckon Wenger thought he was getting Solly….

  5. Next season, make the homegrown player count = 9. Then next season make it 10. Increase that each year until the number =12.

  6. Kinda agree but it not gonna happen

    If we did the European teams would just come nick all best players

    To be fair with jenkinson it a loan with view to permanent with price agreed etc

    Now we signed Alex song I hoping we can loan poyet to either lower prem or top championship side as you right he needs games

    • Also doesn’t help that it remains that the England manager no matter who it is STILL picks players based on how famous they are and who they play for

      I know he got in I the end but with the fore mentioned Parker, lost at Chelsea, did ok Newcastle, one of very best midfield in league time got to west ham

      Took him 2 years longer than it should have done to get England reconition

  7. What about players like Chambers, Hart, Gibbs. To some extent yes but moving to a bigger club isn’t ah inference if you are a quality player. Some Players still don’t progress well if they are at a lesser club, the problem isn’t the transfer of young players it is about the determination of the players and the talent also.

  8. I agree completely with your comments. The Gooners seem to have ruined Jenkinson in my opinion. However we must ensure that we do everything to keep these type of young players; it was disgraceful that Poyet had not been ties to a contract, at least then we may have got some decent money for him.

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