Finally – Well Done Charlton

After 3 years of driving customers away with stupid statements and half baked ideas , someone at Charlton has suddenly realised that they are important and the box of goodies which arrived with my season tickets today is an excellent innovation.

Well done to whoever came up with that idea- it is certainly a great shame that there will be fewer season tickets going out than ever since we moved back to The Valley 25 years ago , but hey these are steps in the right direction. There have been big improvements to the website and the newly launched Valley Pass which I have subscribed to. We kept Holmes and Da Silva has arrived, without getting carried away (not sure who is going to score the goals) there are grounds for some optimism.

If you are still boycotting , please reconsider and come again – its your club, not the clueless Belgians and we need you, your passion and support. They will be gone in the next 12 months or so and we can look back on them as a bad dream.

To quote a famous chef turned football Chairwoman ‘ Come on where are you , where are you – lets be aving you ‘


9 thoughts on “Finally – Well Done Charlton

  1. Just received my box of goodies and really impressed. At last we’ll done CAFC. I also ask the boycotters to come back, maybe your obvious passion for the club can turn our fortunes around.

  2. Sorry, but I won’t be coming back until their gone and we start to see some decent football.

    It’s the same old same old, every season, get a few players in but nothing changes because of clueless,CEO and manager.

    The website in my opinion is awful, far too busy, looks as though it was designed by a kiddie!

  3. I’m in sympathy with your thoughts. I was also impressed with the box that arrived today. It’s probably the best marketing effort made by the club as long as I can remember (and I started supporting in 1958),
    Who knows whether 12 months for the current owners to move on is speculation or not, maybe it will be longer. However, unless the supporters get behind the club and the team then by the time he decides to go there may not be much of a club left.
    Continued demo’s and pitch aggravation will not change things, other than leaving a cloud over he club which may impact on potential buyers and also players who we might wish would come to SE7.
    On the player front we seem to be making progress within the budget available,. and most clubs outside the Premiership will have to adopt a similar approach to move ahead and stay liquid..

  4. Sorry Albury – every season we seem to work ourselves up into some minor form of promotion frenzy…. only to have the stuffing knocked out of us by October when an under-sized, poor quality squad is hit by injuries and points start to flood away.
    I won’t be ending my boycott until Dushatalot and his side-kick Meire have shut up shop and gone back to Belgium, selling the club to someone who actually cares about it, its history and its supporters.

    Yes, Robinson appears to have had a half successful summer in the transfer market – the most important part of his business being to retain the services of Ricky Holmes (and top marks to him for showing that rare trait amongst professional footballers these days, loyalty to your club).
    Dushatalot has put some money on the table, but will it be enough to have a squad of sufficient size and ability to get promotion? With a month of the transfer window remaining the jury is still well and truly out on that one with so many vital positions in the team still needing cover – but it’s a start, and the first positive move seen in three years from the owner who still for some obscure reason can’t be arsed to come over and watch his team in live action.
    However, Robinson will never be given enough cash to emulate Sir Chris Powell’s move into the transfer market before his epic promotion season – the fruits of which Dushatalot memorably threw away within 12 months of his arrival.

    As far as I’m concerned this vinegar-pissing “customer” is not willing to spend over £100 in fares, ticket and beer money to watch attend home matches in what in the last 3 years has proved to be a number of false dawns. As far as I’m concerned the jury is still out on Robinson’s ability to get a squad together and deal with the clowns at the top of the club – and that Night-Meire is still in situ…. By missing 8 home games I will have saved enough money to re-new my golf club membership – another sport full of elation/frustration/ what-ifs, but at least it’s one that I am in control of.

    I will continue to support ‘my’ club and won’t be seen at any other club, but my boycott will continue until I see signs of a positive move forward, rather than yet another false dawn….

  5. PS A bag of goodies isn’t enough of a ‘bribe’ to make me change my mind on the regime – it is what happens on the pitch that counts, not a re-vamped website or a bag of goodies.

  6. As someone who has been supporting this club for over 60 years,I am like most supporters worried about the future of my club.I was close to not renewing my season ticket this year,but I decided that my love for this club far exceeded my concerns over who runs it.
    Staying away will not alter the ownership,the team,with many young players coming through need to be playing in front of much larger crowds who will give them the encouragement they need to raise their game to the level needed to elevate this club to its former position.
    Come on guys turn up and lets get the Valley rocking again.

    • Raymond, I’ve also supported this club for over 40 years and I understand where you’re coming from.

      I’ve been a regular attendee in that time, apart from the last couple of seasons, in fact I didn’t go at all last season, a first for me.

      But when I think back over those years, have the various boards, managers and players shown the same commitment and dedication the fans have? I would say not, especially since the beginning of the money madness that’s engulfed football. I realisewe simply can’t compete, particularly now.

      Yes, the premiership years were amazing and something I never expected to see. The few years we spent in the old 1st under Lennie and of course, the play off final and probably a few other seasons thrown in.

      But for the most part we’ve had the put up with mediocrity at best for the rest of those 40 years, in my case, perhaps not yours?

      Yes, I know it’s part and parcel of supporting a team and there are far worse clubs than our own but we’ve rarely had ambitious boards at the helm, in my time other than, The Murray years and look what happened to him.

      I dread to think how much money I’ve put into this club, have I had the same commitment from Charlton, I think not.

      I think, if I’m honest I’m probably losing interest in the game and our club. Of course I’m still pissed off when we lose and happy when we win but I’m finding the ratio between being pissed off and happy, is favouring very heavily the, pissed off camp!

      Having said that, I’m sure if I saw ambition from our board, decent performances from our players and a commitment to the cause, very difficult with the player mercenaries involved in the game today, I’m sure my enthusiasm would return.

      But until then I’m not prepared to put up with mediocrity and a regime that seems hell bent on self destruction.

      You say nothing will change, well it would, if every supporter boycotted games consistently and in my opinion it’s those that do and protest, who show their love for our club, more than those who show up week in week out regardless of what’s being served up.

      To me that’s just complacency!

      • Martin
        I am torn between the two sides of this debate because they both have merit. Ultimately though I want to watch my football team play football and I don’t want to give in to the idiots who run the club.
        I respect your position but I think it is a much more powerful protest if we all turn up to the games and voice our displeasure at the ownership with a very loud voice rather than not turning up – which they just blame on apathy of fans and poor pitch performance.
        Anyway, lets all hope for positive changes soon !!

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