Andy Wells RIP

I am very sad to report that Andy Wells who was a friend and lifelong fan and stalwart of the Northern Addicks passed away on Monday 14th September. Despite moving from Kent to Yorkshire more than a decade ago , Andy maintained his love for the club and was a regular at all the Northern fixtures and despite a very long battle against cancer , he still managed to get to the Derby game a few weeks ago. He was a prolific poster on Charlton Life as Bryan_Kinsie and there are many nice tributes to his contributions on there.

I knew him personally as a mate , we went to school together many moons ago and subsequently in his professional life when he frequently helped me on business deals . Andy was completely unflappable and always did things at his pace which was not always as fast as other people wanted . Playing golf with him was a long day – Andy’s response when he was given the hurry up after his 6th shot went awry on the green and the queue behind was becoming irate was ‘Where’s the Fire”  – In homage , his mates had it printed on a T shirt .

He was a lovely man and unbelievably strong and brave over the last few years during which time he maintained a fantastic sense of humour – lets face it that helps as a Charlton Fan.

He will be greatly missed by all friends and family and the club have lost a lifer ………..

Pictured here at Bradford a few years ago with his lovely wife Carol

Andy Wells


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