Riga in on Belgian Sabotage

When I predicted 3 wins on the trot, I hadn’t appreciated that Jose had thrown his lot in with the owner and CEO and decided to try not to win tonight’s game. He takes off our only creative player , Harriot on 65 minutes just after he has beaten about 6 blokes twice and leaves on Simon who lets face it was shockingly awful , immobile and never going to score . To compound the misery , having not started Sanogo when he should have done , he also brings on Lookman for the last 5 minutes when it’s all far too late.

Next year in the 3rd division , Roly can save more money by not having any managers or coaches and give the crowd ( those few that are still left) a keyboard when we arrive and we can pick the team and then when to make a substitution and who it should be by voting on our handhelds, because 99 times out of a hundred , the crowd have a much better idea of the best team , what the shape and tactics should be and when to make subs than the manager.

Final point , what on earth did West Ham do to Diego Poyet ? When he left us , he looked like the next Scott Parker , I would have backed him for the England team – now he looks like a bloke who can hardly pass the ball more than 10 yards on the rare occasion when he touches it at all , he never tackles anyone , doesn’t seem to have any pace or be able to head the ball other than directly upwards . Surely somewhere in there , a good player still exists , but if he carries on like this , his career will only go one way …….

6 thoughts on “Riga in on Belgian Sabotage

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Playing just Makienok up front on his own in such an important game suggests the team was picked by Duchatelet. If not, Riga is a buffoon. Lookman murdered them when he came on – for precisely 8 minutes. Any fan in the stadium could have picked a better team and changed it at half time. Clueless.

  2. Yeah but we don’t know why Lookman didn;’t come on till later do we, ere yourn were all speculatin abahrt Endo when e ad a dead leg n couldn’t play the last two games. Riga picks the team not Roland n thass all there is to it but still don’t let the facts get in the way of your exenophobic stories on ere.

    • ere a2c, u votin 2 stay in the EU on June 23rd? if is woz left to those neagtive boo boys n their ilk dahn r gaff we wuld b out 4 sure…

    • The cynic would suggest that Riga has been told to use Lookman sparingly and not expose him to an injury that might jeopardise his inevitable sale. Alternatively he is currently injured or not fit enough or deemed not good enough to start. According to the owner and his stooge of a CEO the present and future pleasure for Charlton fans lies in seeing the future stars of the premier league strut their stuff briefly for CAFC before moving on. Perhaps that particular fan expectation should be downgraded (like all the other’s that most fans enjoy) to seeing the future premier league stars stylishly warming the bench (while the good ship CAFC sinks towards the next low level)) in case they pick up a fat-fee jeopardising knock. Happy with that a2c? If it’s good enough for the owner then I’m sure you will support it like you do all aspects of his inexplicable strategy.

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  4. You have got it spot on.Went to game and almost word for word felt same as you.Riga has improved side in last month but his substitutions and team last night has destroyed all faith.We are going to lose every bit of talent at end of season.

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