Childish response from CAFC

According to the latest club statement , apparently there are people who want to see the club fail and the CEO is being misrepresented.

Lets address those straight away shall we – every Charlton fan , particularly those passionate enough to complain about the current shambles at the club want Charlton to be successful in whatever league they play in – and whether that is the Premiership,Championship, League 1, League 2 or lower,we will always support the team but it is obvious the current ownership is clueless about how you build a successful football club whatever division we are in.

Secondly and it is getting really boring saying this , the current CEO is incompetent in her current role and regardless of how brilliant she might have been as a lawyer, how misunderstood, articulate , clever, what a lovely person she might be, fundamentally her judgement and decision making at CAFC have been dreadful and this has significantly contributed to supporter unrest.

The way the club is currently being run is a total disgrace and this lazy, unattributed, badly written and poorly delivered statement from the club , presumably sanctioned by the CEO and owner, is yet another example and business case study of how not to communicate with your customers.

2 thoughts on “Childish response from CAFC

  1. Bang on. You haven’t previously posted points where I disagree with you but I think you have responded better than I could have here,I enjoy, most of, your rants!

  2. Your posts are a waste of space n exenophobic in every way. Katrien is doin a great job dahn our gaff is the Queen of CAFC n always will be.

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