Losing this game is a good thing

that’s what my wife said . She went on to say that now they will realise that you can’t play 3 non creative 30 something aged midfielders and expect to get anything from games in this League.Didn’t Chrissey Powell  say 3 years ago that Jacko couldn’t play left side midfield  anymore. I guess there is no one left who remembers that ? She said didn’t Russell Slade read your blog about what Peter Varney told you.

Oh alright, she only said the bit about about losing being a good thing because it will make Roland realise that we won’t get anywhere with this team.

I applaud all those who went to Bury , you are indeed heroes.


2 thoughts on “Losing this game is a good thing

  1. I remember CP saying that JJ’s days of left midfield were over. I almost tweeted that in fact, but in the end I just couldn’t be bothered. That’s what this regime has done to me…

  2. When I looked at the squad list it was really there for all to see,where is the creativity in the midfield,probably overstating the obvious we need one of those midfielders we have seen time and time against us who seem to all ways seem to have the ball and by the end of the game he has driven you mental, back in our promotion year in the mid 70s we had one ourselves a guy called Ritchie Bowman a player in the Wes Hoolahan mould Its that type of player that gets you out of this division.45 to go,think back to last August,say no more.I am still in optimistic mould,think back to last aug…
    ………. no ive done that,

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