Keith Palmer Tribute – Get to the Valley on April 4th

Whether you are still going every week to Charlton or whether you are part of the huge majority of disaffected or absentee fans, forget your antipathy to the useless ownership and our relentless decline and get your arse down to Charlton on Tuesday April 4th.

Keith Palmer was a true public servant who gave his life for all of us.His attacker was yet another of those useless inadequate, talentless, brainless  tossers whose only contribution to the world is completely pointless misery.

Get down the Valley on April 4th , get all of your friends and give everything for Keith – he was a Charlton fan – part of us – our family – our tribe.

He gave everything for us and we need to give everything for his memory.

6 thoughts on “Keith Palmer Tribute – Get to the Valley on April 4th

  1. Well said – I’ll be there paying tribute to a hero and one of our own.
    Thoughts and sympathy with the family and friends of PC Keith Palmer.

  2. Yes agree 100%. This is about Keith & the football club we all love. A show of solidarity on the 4th for this one day in remembrance of a fellow Addick

  3. Totally agree lets fill the valley and remember Keith….My families thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Keith Palmer and all the victims of this atrocity…..

  4. Flying home on Monday and I’ve re-arranged my holiday to be their on the 4th. Hope our support can forget Duchatelet for one game and get along to pay tribute to this hero.

  5. Yeah I’ll be supportin Keith n all as e went to all the games n supported our gaff all the way n I’ll be standin up against low life terrorists as well as the exenophobes. We’re lucky to ave police like Keith who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

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