Football is a simple game

When you watch your football team week in week out, you see things going on that you hope your highly FIFA badged and experienced manager sees too. The case in point at Charlton has been Karl’s policy of playing poor Josh up front on his own isolated from the nearest team member. Now if we were playing Man City or Liverpool each week you could sort of understand it, but when you are playing Bury, Oldham and Fleetwood every week and all 3 of their centre halves suddenly transform from Fred Heckingbottom who spent his whole career in the lower leagues to looking like Franz Beckanbaeur, you sense that the tactics aren’t correct.

The ball doesn’t stick to poor one man Josh and consequently the opposition push up and the game gets played in our half of the pitch.

I have been moaning about this for months on here and lots of the fan observations on Charlton Life and Twitter have been saying the same thing.

Anyway, lo and behold , Lee and JJ have obviously been thinking the same thing and yesterday was a revelation – two men up front – hoorah and do you know what happened – Plymouth had to defend deeper and we played in their half and had lots of chances. The team were also highly motivated and that obviously helps a lot.

So well done to our new management team for using some common sense rather than tactical mumbo jumbo.

Lets hope we’ve turned the corner in every respect.

4 thoughts on “Football is a simple game

  1. Too true AA, KR’s failures were exposed yesterday. His success was also shown and that was, that it could all be changed so quickly and effectively with a formation tweak and strong collective spirit. How KR couldn’t see it beats me!

    It occurs to me that if it was all down to new manager bounce, the last four years should have taken us to top of the Prem. lol.

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  3. KR said he didn’t have the personnel to play 442 but, surprise surprise, Lee Bowyer did exactly that using the same pool of players and hey presto. Shame KR didn’t tender his resignation shortly after the January transfer window closed.

  4. Well done bow ,,,,we are so happy your there a new begining ,, from charlton Fans in México,,,,,

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