Bullied Again

Watching the game yesterday was a bit like those games you used to play in where you played against the year above at school. Yes, we’ve got some nice players, skilful players, committed players but when you add it all up we lack the sheer physicality to compete with the older boys.

Jason Pearce is not enough on his own – we need to recruit some Kinsellas, Aizlewoods, Stevie Browns, Steve Gritts, Scottie Parker’s, Herminators,…….. Lee Bowyers ! – otherwise we will never get out of this division. The return to 442 has been welcome, but the oppositions have now realised that none of our front two choices are proper goalscorers – Ajose, in particular, whilst he works hard spends most of his time waiting behind the centre halves hoping they will miss it rather than showing in front of his marker to win the ball and hold it up.

Jake Forster Caskey has been excellent recently and he put another enormous shift in yesterday but much as I like both Reeves and Aribo, the 3 of them together just look lightweight in this division.

Football aside, I walked the slightly abridged unofficial version of the Upbeats walk yesterday – we walked about 8.5 miles rather than the 10 miles by cutting off a bit of Greenwich Park, it got us to the Rose of Denmark around Noon for a welcome pint ( or three) – a really lovely walk in the sunshine with lifelong mates and raising money for the Upbeats. A special mention to the landlord of the Rose of Denmark where the staff were very welcoming and without any of us asking, he actually gave us a tenner for the Upbeats , which we duly deposited in a collection bucket at the Ground.

Shame about the football , but there we are – hopefully we will eventually get an owner who cares as much as we do !








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